As you’ve most likely heard and seen, Pokemon GO is taking over the world. It was launched a week ago and it seems, by all accounts, to be the main thing that individuals are discussing. There is as of now been stories about Pokemon GO players discovering dead bodies, tumbling off cliffs and on the bright side, a group of layers actually saved a man’s life . Safe to say, Pokemon GO is changing the world. pokemon go title - Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Assuming that you have been playing Pokemon GO, you most likely have gathered a decent number of Pokemon as of now. But what about those rare Pokemon like Charizard, Vaporeon, Charmeleon, Dragonair or Alakazam? Those can be somewhat harder to discover, which is the reason they are known as “rare” Pokemon. Nonetheless, there is an approach to locate these rare Pokemon. The most straightforward approach to discover them, is to level up. When you hit level 10 as a Pokemon Trainer, you’ll begin to discover a greater amount of these monsters sticking around your neighborhood. To level up, you’ll have to stop at PokeStops, go to Gyms or catch Pokemon. But these are not the only ways. It’s quite simple to level up.pokemon go ingame - Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Once you have leveled up, you can discover these Pokemon by utilizing the “Nearby” menu inside the game to see what Pokemon’s are nearby to your location. Utilizing the menu, you can circle which Pokemon you need to catch. This will help the game show you the Pokemon you need, rather than simply catching the same Pokemon again and again.

I will be writing some more Pokemon Go tips and tricks in the coming days. It is an incredible game that has truly gotten individuals out on their feet. There are quite a few number of games that utilizes the same mechanism like Pokemon Go but for some reason they could never succeed like Pokemon Go.

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