If you are an Instagram addict then you will surely like the new feature “Save Draft” that Instagram is testing.  We all know that Instagram is the most used photo-sharing social networking app. Instagram has taken many good steps to improve the app. We also know that Instagram adds many new features time to time which makes Instagram even better than before. Recently, Instagram announced anti-harassment comment filtering tools that got positive feedback and now it is testing a new feature “Save Draft”.


Well, this feature will mainly help to those people who have indecisive problems. Now you don’t have to worry, take your time to add & subtract the content and decide when to publish the post when it is ready. Previously, if the users accidentally press the back button while editing the photos, all the changes that have been made will be discarded. Users are happy now because they don’t have to go through the editing process again even if they accidentally press the back button while editing the photos. Now, a dialogue box will appear when you press back button and reminds you whether you want to save it to draft or discard.

Instagram is testing a new feature “Save Draft”

new feature “Save Draft”
Screenshot of New Feature “Save Draft”

Users have waited long for this feature and they are saying the feature should have been launched long time ago. If your account got this new feature then you can see the “Save Draft” will be available just above ‘all photos’ in the compose window. But unfortunately all the users have not got chance to use this feature. Some of the users got the feature this July and many users are getting this month (August).

Save Draft tweets
Screenshot of Tweets about “Save Draft” feature

They are happy and feeling lucky to get this feature in their Instagram account. But we don’t know how long this feature will exist in their account because one user complained that the feature has been disappeared from his account.  The company said TechCrunch, that “Save Draft” is just a test. It means, Instagram was A/B testing the feature to know the opinion of the users.

Save Draft
Screenshot of Tweet about disappear of “Save Draft” feature

All the Instagram users are waiting for this new feature “Save Draft”. I hope Instagram rolls-out such a nice and useful feature soon. But we can’t be sure unless this feature is launched publicly because this feature is just in testing phase.

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