Fm WhatsApp is moded Application of WhatsApp. Fouad Company has added some features in WhatsApp and released a new version known as Fm WhatsApp. From the Last couple of months, Fm WhatsApp is very famous. In this article I will provide you Fm WhatsApp tricks either these will motivate you to use Fm WhatsApp or if you are already using it then you can find new features.

Some of the Features are shown below:

Hide Chat: This is really simple feature. First you select chat by Holding finger or thumbnail for a few second and then from 3 dot menu (right Upper Side) select Lock Conversation as shown in the screenshot.

Hide Media from the Gallery: If your friends has sent you some personal picture or screenshot and you want to keep it safe as well as don’t want to show anyone then follow the steps.

Lock Conversation: Sometimes we have to lock WhatsApp application because of one personal char but now in Fm WhatsApp, you can lock only one conversation as per you convenience. So, if anyone will try to open the chat then first he should enter correct password or Draw correct pattern. Select chat by holding it and then select lock conversation from 3 dot menu. It will ask you to Pin or Pattern. You can choose any one them as your prefer.

fm whatsapp feature one

Share More than 10 Images: There are many users who are using Fm WhatsApp only for this reason as they can send more than 10 images at a time. It is more convenient now.

Anti-Delete Message: This is one of the best feature that Fm WhatsApp offers. Whenever a user send the message and delete it, the recipient won’t be able to see the deleted messages but now you will be able to see the deleted messages using anti-delete message feature.

  • Open Fouad Settings → Privacy and tick the Anti-Delete Message

View Status without letting them know: If you are a person who wants to view story but don’t want the person to know about it then your wish has come true. Now you will be able to see the status without that person getting notified. Especially when you want to view your teacher or family member status. This is also located at Fouad Settings → Privacy.

Show blue tick after reply: Another cool feature that you get here is the blue tick. Usually when you open the chat, the reply will be automatically blue tick showing you have read the reply but sometimes you mistakenly open the chat which you don’t wish to open. This feature is so helpful that when you reply then only the message will be blue ticked. You get this features in Fouad Settings → Privacy.

Change Colours: If you wish to change the colour the chat then you can easily do it. You just need to follow the steps and you are good to go. As many users get feed up seeing the only one colour of the WhatsApp app but now it is possible to change the colour as per your preference.

  • Open Fouad Settings→ Universal→ Colours (You need to tap on three dot Menu)

Change Themes:  Changing theme is also possible and it is quite easy like we use to change Android launcher in our phone, same way we can change launcher in FM WhatsApp.  There are different option available in the app, you can choose the one that you want to tap on install button to apply it.

  • Go to Fouad Settings→ YoThemes

Customize Theme According to Your Wish: This feature let you customize the theme as per your wish. Sometimes you might not find the perfect theme that you are looking for, in such case you can easily customize the total theme that you want to use. It gives you total freedom in context of choosing what you want on you WhatsApp.

  • Fouad Settings→ Universal
fm whatsapp feature two

I hope you have learned something new about Fm WhatsApp, if you have still any question the let me know by comments below. Hopefully, this article will help you.

You can even check the article to know more about Fmwhatsapp download link & installation here , which can be helpful for you guys.

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