New Instagram LogoInstagram the most popular photo-sharing social networking app has lots of new things to offer to its users. Recently, Instagram has updated to version 8.2 with some additional features and the main highlight was that, we can Post Photos to Instagram from other app on iPhone and now Instagram is launching a translation feature to its app. The news of adding text translation to its app was announced just a couple of days after Instagram unveil more than half a million people are now its user, with at least 300 million users per day. Yes, now the Instagram has 500 million users worldwide.

This new feature will make it easier to understand other people’s caption and comments in their language that we don’t understand now. Previously, what we use to do, we just see the photo and assume the caption or description because we don’t understand that language but now everyone around the world will understand what we’re saying and we will understand what they are saying.

Instagram translation feature
Screenshot of Instagram translation option

This feature will be launched publically next month. Once you enable this feature, you’ll be able to see a “see translation” button/option under captions and comments which will automatically translating text of posts, comments or bios to user’s chosen language. The countries has not been specified, so this feature will be available to the users worldwide.

Firstly, 24 languages will be supported. If you find text in another language and also there’s not “see translation” button, it means the language doesn’t support yet. It is also said that translations may not appear on older posts and comments as Instagram has started using automatic machine translation for text recently.

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