Moments Logo.Facebook is again using the same tactic that was used before to download it’s app. Previously, it forced the users to download Messenger by removing chat from the main Facebook app. Now, Facebook is forcing the users to download it’s photo-sharing app Moments. We should not be amazed with this news because it’s not for the first time.

Company is warning people to install the app otherwise some of their synced photos will be deleted. The company is even giving the deadline to the users to shift to the app or download their Synced albums and if the users just ignore to shift to the Moments app then Facebook is going to delete the Synced Photos.

Photo-sharing app Moments
Screenshot of Photo-sharing app Moments

Do you even remember that you had a Synced album in facebook. Well, you might have forgotten because Photo-syncing was an optional feature Facebook launched on iOS back in 2012, where you once synchronize the photos to the facebook, next time onward all the photos will automatically copy to private album on Facebook from you Smartphone. This feature was launched to make the users easier to find and share their photos as their photos were already synced/uploaded to social network.

[quote bcolor=”blue”]These photos are stored in an album called synced (in the app) or Synced from Phone (on the desktop)[/quote]

Screenshot of message to download the Moments App and Photo syncing Moments
Screenshot of message to download the Moments App and Photo syncing is moving to Moments

Facebook is using notification to spread the message- download the app or your synced photos will be deleted and other details can be seen from the Synced album’s page on Facebook (if you haven’t installed the Moments app). It has also found that the company is actually emailing it’s users and informing them, their synced photos will be deleted if they don’t install their photo-sharing app Moments. It is quite surprising that company is personally sending the mail which is kind of weird.

Notification appears in Facebook app about installing the Photo-sharing app Moments and if ignored then compensate with your photos. (Your Synced photos will be deleted) and it is even using Messenger to send automatic notification when you receive photos from a friend. It has also started promoting in the News Feed about the app and moving to app.

Message to download the app
Screenshot of Message to download the Moments App

Many of the users are angry that facebook is compelling to install their app even though they don’t are not interested in this app. It’s same like making the user install the Messenger app compulsory if they want to chat. Some of the users don’t mind installing and using the app, they think it’s better to have the apps of one company which will be supportive to each other app.

It might be their plan to be a top contender in the race of different app. There are different messing apps like viber, WeChat, LINE etc in the market. So, facebook also launched it’s messaging app called Messenger and forced users to install the app. Soon after app managed to be on top among messaging app. The company is repeating same technique to make it’s Photo-sharing app Moments on the top and yes it managed to be on top in iTune App Store.

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