With screen getting bigger and resolution increasing with each generation of smartphones, Android is a great platform to watch tons of movies right on the palm of your hand. Even if you find the screen of smartphones still too small to have a quality time watching movies, there are ways to stream it to a bigger screen with better resolutions. Whatever your idea of entertainment is, Android is still the way to go. When it comes to watching movies and series on Android, Netflix will surely come to your mind. But here are some good free alternatives with a good library of movies and series. In this article, we will explore those free alternatives. Here are some of the best Android apps to watch movies.

Best Android Apps to Watch Movies


This app may not be entirely free, but the contents it offers for free are solid. You do not need to search for movies that are free as the app does a great work highlighting them for you. If you are not sure if the movies you are going to watch is worth your time, Vudu offers Rotten Tomatoes rating when you are about to watch it. This way you won’t have to waste your time watching movies that are not worth it. But you shouldn’t always trust the critics. Download it from here. Best Android Apps to Watch Movies


Some of you might have heard or are using this app for your movie needs. Even if you cannot find all the latest ones, it still has a fairly large collection of movies. Sony has made this app available on Google Play Store for free. You can find some good movies starring George Clooney, Will Ferell, Adam Sandler, Will Smith and many more. Big titles like Ocean’s Eleven and Grown Ups can be streamed for free of cost. You should definitely check this app out. Best Android Apps to Watch Movies


Tubi is another great app to watch movies on. Although its collection is not quite big as Crackle, the movies it offers are still quite good. There are some big titles like Horns, Hugo starring Hollywood’s renowned names, which you can watch without paying a single penny. You can also stream popular series in high definition for free. Tubi updates its library regularly so you will always have something to watch and enjoy. So grab your popcorn, snuggle on your warm bend and enjoy. Download it for free from Google Play Store. Best Android Apps to Watch Movies

YouTube Movies

You may not know but YouTube has its own free movie service. I’m not talking about those illegally uploaded movies. YouTube has a Free to Watch section on YouTube Movies channel. Although it may not have the big blockbuster titles, the movies it offers are still enjoyable after a long day at work. However, it doesn’t offer this service to every country yet. So these are some of the free and legal ways to watch movies and series on your Android smartphone. Some of these apps may not be available in every country, but I’m sure you’ll find one that works from the list. You can always fire up your trusty VPN and enjoy the movies and series nevertheless. Also Read:


  1. Apknite’s MegahFilmesHD should also be on the list. Plenty of movies and easy to use. Have to admit that I have nothing to complain about it


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