What if there is nothing in between too high and too low when you are listening to something on your Galaxy S9. There are by default 15 steps when increasing the volume from zero. This is fine in most of the case but if you are choosy and want to fine tune your listening experience, that may not be enough. You could increase the steps to 150 using Samsung’s Sound Assistant app but it is not available on Galaxy S9 for some reason. You don’t need to worry. Just because it is not available for S9, it doesn’t mean the app won’t work. You can still sideload it. Here’s how to increase volume steps in Galaxy S9.

Increase Volume Steps in Galaxy S9

This may just be temporary so it may be made available for Galaxy S9 at the time you are reading this article. You can check if you can download it on your device from the Google Play Store. If you can’t, then follow this tutorial. So before you begin, make sure you get the APK file for Sound Assistant from here. Copy it to your device’s storage if you used your PC to download it. If you downloaded it on your S9, then you are good to go. Install the app, if you have not enabled Unknown sources, you will be given a warning. Enable Unknown Sources from the Settings and try to install the app again. Increase Volume Steps in Galaxy S9 Now, you need to first enable the option to control media volume with the volume rocker. You can do that from Settings > Sounds & Vibrations > Enable Use volume keys for media. Open Sound Assistant and tap on Advanced. There, you will find a slider to change volume steps. Adjust the slider as you want. If you move the slider to 1, you will need to press the volume button 150 to go from 0 to max. Also Read:


  1. The Sound Assistant app can be downloaded from the official Samsung Galaxy Store, so if you have the “Galaxy Store” app on your phone (most Samsung phones do), there is no need to sideload.

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