The Google Play Store has a ton of good messaging app. The most popular ones are Facebook Messenger that is Facebook’s chat app along with SMS feature, TrueCaller that can identify the unknown number and Google’s own SMS app with audio chats feature. But those who like minimal apps that do the only job they are made for and do it well, aforementioned apps may not be an option. There’s one SMS app that I like the most when it comes to minimalism – Microsoft’s SMS Organizer. Here’s why this SMS app by Microsoft is great.

SMS app by Microsoft

This app for Android by Microsoft is just a simple and pure SMS app. It is simple and efficient with no extra bling. The minimalism of this app is what makes it great. However, it has some great features too.SMS app by Microsoft

OTP Detection:

When you log in to a website with has 2-factor authentication like a bank, they send you an OTP or “One Time Password” as an SMS. You copy or this password and login to the site. SMS organizer automatically detects if a received text contains OTP and lets you copy the code directly from the notification bar.

Google Drive Integration:

With this app, all your texts get backed up to your Google Drive. You can perform the backup manually or configure the app to do it automatically every day or once in a week. This makes it easier for you if you need all your SMS moved to a new device.

Message Sorting:

SMS Organizer automagically organizes all your test into categories such as promotional or blocked. This means all your SMS from your bank will go into one folder and the bulk ones go into another.


If any SMS you received with a due date, the app will automatically remind you when the date is approaching. This is particularly useful if you constantly forget when your credit card bill is due and such. This also works well with travel dates, appointments and more.

Free SMS:

If you’re from India, you can send up to 30 SMS for free every month to any number. These texts are sent via the Internet so you don’t need to have a cellular connection.

You should definitely try this completely free SMS app with no advertisement. You can also use IFTTT to save the messages in a Google Sheet or receive texts as an email message. Unfortunately, this app currently works only in India.

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