Well, there is no any person in this world who doesn’t love music. Specially, for us smartphone users, we like to have all our favorite tracks in our Android devices, and listen to them whenever we want, be it at work, in the gym, in a date, in the special events, while eating, or even while taking a dump. Listening to the music streaming it live may be a good option, but as we don’t always have the internet connection (not all of us at least), keeping our favorite tracks in the storage of our Android device, and listening them offline is one of our daily routine. To store the songs in our device’s storage, however, gone are the days when we downloaded the tracks in our computer and transferred to our mobiles. We don’t have to bother even to download the music through the sites, we can do it in a single click, in the smartphone apps. Here, we are describing one of such apps which is really good for downloading and listening music- MP3 Music Downloader MusicLab.

MP3 Music Downloader MusicLab

Developed by Free MP3 Download, the MP3 Music Downloader MusicLab app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. You don’t have to worry about anything about the expenditure, since it is absolutely free. Just download and install the app in your Android device and launch it. When you launch it, you will be amazed by its smooth and easy-to-use interface. As soon as you enter the app, you will see the various options in the top. The relevant aspects of the options are seen in the screen. The ‘search’ which appears in the top left is the place, where you can search for any of your favorite track. When you type any song’s title, artist, album or any keyboard, you will be amazed further by its database. You can search for songs of almost any genre of any country or language. When you click on any search results that are displayed, it will start to play online. There you will also see the ‘Download’ option, and when you click on it, the music will start to download. The downloaded files will stay in the ‘Music’ folder of your storage.

The other options besides search, will be similar to the other music player apps. Like every other, there will be artists, library, playlist, genres and files options. The ‘files’ menu is also quite unique to some extent though, as it will display the folders which are in your storage, and let you play the files inside the folder if it is a mp3 track.

In overall, the MP3 Music Downloader MusicLab is a real good app for those who love to download the music and listen to it offline in their Android smartphones or tablets. The high quality copy left music, and the fast search results are the pros of this app which appeal us to download and install this app. The simple interface which is not colorful, can not be liked by some of us however.



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