If you frequently use your smartphone or tablet for downloading stuffs from the web, you certainly know the pain of slow downloading speed you get from the browsers. This is because web browsers are built to browse the web and therefore they do not speed up the downloading. This is where the download managers come in. They are designed to speed up the download by splitting the files into multiple sections and downloading them simultaneously to accelerate the download process. Moreover, they can fix broken downloads so that you don’t have to start from the beginning.

There are numerous download managers on the Play Store but for your convenience we’ve narrowed your options to just 5 and they are all free. Here are the 5 best free download managers for android.

Advance Download Manageranfroid download manager

ADM is the most popular and powerful download manager available for android. ADM splits your download into 9 parts and you can assign each of the parts with certain download speed so you have the power to choose the maximum speed for each part. This app will also let you resume the download if the connection gets broken during the download process. Popular browsers like Chrome, Dolphin and Stock browsers supports ADM but it also has a built-in browser if your browser doesn’t support the app. You can download up to3 files simultaneously using multithreading and it’ll play a sound to notify you that the download has completed. You can even schedule the download and save different types of file in different folders. There are different methods to add download link to ADM; you can press on the link and from the selection menu choose ADM, long press on the link and press share/send and choose ADM or copy link and paste it on ADM. There are many more pros which you have to find yourself by testing this app. ADM supports ads but you can buy its pro version to disable them.

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Download Manager for AndroidDownload Manager for Android

This app is another excellent download manager available on the Play Store. It’s clean and simple user interface makes it ideal for minimalists. It downloads files by splitting it into parts and downloading them simultaneously. This download manager supports large variety of file types including APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC, XLS, etc. and can download files up to 2 GB. Like ADM, Download Manager can also intercept download links directly from the browser, or you can enter the links manually too. Its high speed download (up to 3 times), voice search functionality, webpage suggestion, ability to resume, cancel and pause downloads and support of Google, Yahoo, YouTube and Twitter search makes it one of the best download manager for android. It also supports Java Script and HTML 5 web pages. You can also spoof its browser to display webpages like desktop, iPhone, iPad, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. The best thing about Download Manager is that it allows you to download files with unknown size and format. With this app you don’t have to worry about broken downloads as it will mend it automatically. With its integrated social sharing feature, you can share the linksm texts, images on the social site of your choice (i.e Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Gmail, etc.). This download manager also has media playback feature which supports AAC, MP3 and M4A music formats, and M4V, MP4 and MOV video formats.

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Easy Downloader ProEasy Downloader Pro

This is another excellent download managers available for android. It is an effective choice for those who struggle to download multiple large files simultaneously from the web to your android device. Easy Downloader Pro enables you to download up to 10 different files at the same time. Like the previous download manager on this list, Easy Downloader Pro can intercept download links directly from popular browsers like Firefox, Boat, Dolphin by Share / Send link or by copying and pasting the download link directly to the app. It supports multiple internet protocol including HTTP, FTP and soon BT. You don’t have to worry about the download speed as it uses multi-threading to speed up the download. The downloaded files are well organized and can be view using its in-built file manager. It has a progress bar and plays notification sound to make sure you know when did your download finish or when will it finish. The best thing about Easy Downloader Pro its add-on in Dolphin Browser making it easy for Dolphin user to download files speedy and stably.

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Loader Droid Download ManagerLoader Droid Download Manager

The next on our list is another great download manager built for Android – Loader Droid Download Manager. It support every file types of apps, images, music, videos and others. Loader Droid accelerates your download by splitting it into 3 parts. It can also intercept download links from almost every application on android without any configuration. You can use it to download files using any of the 2 available options – automatic links interception or using the share / send feature. Sometimes when you try to download a media but the whole page gets downloaded instead; Loader Droid prevents that by blocking such downloads and offers to display the page in a special mode which lets you download the media file. You can select what you want use to download files; Wi-Fi is set as default but you can also use mobiles data and roaming if you want to. You can schedule downloads and tamper with speeds if you feel lags. Loader Droid also gives you the ability to scan your entire media library to prevent duplicate downloads. This is a free ad-supported version but there is a pro version available if you want to make those annoying ads disappear.

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Turbo Download ManagerTurbo Download Manager

We’ve made this list keeping in mind the download speed. Just like any other download manager on this list, Turbo Download Manager is developed to give you speed (up to 5 times). This app uses multiple HTTP connections to speed up your download and you can increase the maximum connections to increase the speed. Turbo also as the ability to resume broken downloads like all other download manager on this list. You can even queue files to download them later. Right now, couple of browsers have integrated support for Turbo such as Firefox, Boat, UC, Miren, Skyfire but if you’re using other browsers you can use the Share or Send link feature to send download links to Turbo Download Manager. You can download files of any size, optimize the buffer size, configure download directory and auto-rename files. Turbo can work in background so you can do whatever you need to do while a download is in progress.

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