The new app- OFFTIME, which is developed for us to stay unplugged in our lives- is now updated. It now comes in a clean, smooth and much better UI than before, and has a lot of added features and other changes too. It now moves out of Beta version, and you will not have to wait the invite anymore, it is as easy as other normal apps to have it downloaded, installed and used in your Android device. The name is also changed as well, to (OFFTIME)- Life Unplugged, from its name (OFFTIME)- Preview of its past beta preview version.


This time, when you launch the app for the first time, will ask you to select a mode, just like the previous version. There will be options of “Focused Work’, “Family’, ‘Unplugging’ and a ‘New Profile’ to select. The first three have default activities of their own, and you can customize the ‘New Profile’ according to your requirement. After you select a mode and the time to set your device offtime, you’re done. You will now get the time you want to concentrate on your work or spend with your family or any other similar sort of activities. The basic and important features are the same, as these were bound to be, but the process is little different. You will get a permanent notification in your notification bar showing your insights (number of calls, unlocks and app accesses and the time of device usage) , and you can see it in the ‘My Day’ category (which can be accessed clicking the menu symbol in the top left) of the app too. In the Insights category of app, you will see the score (based in your offtime and usage), total usage, apps, contacts and highlights. In the menu, there are ‘take offtime’ (which will let you manage the time you want to be offtime), protocols, settings, feedback and about options too. When you’ll be using your device with this app installed, you will be warned after every 15 minutes of usage, but you can turn it off from the settings. You can also disable the insights tracking, and its permanent notification which appears in the bar from the settings.

Well, with the new added features and completely new interface, this app can be a very good solution for those, who get easily distracted from their device. This app is designed in such a way that you can unplug yourself in this connected world without missing all the important matters. In overall, this can be called as a new application, which will help you to get rid of the addictive, time-consuming and concentration-killing old applications.


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