You’re having a date, and that notification in your smartphone disturbs you. You’re trying to concentrate on studies, and your phone rings! In this modern tech world, it is a dream for all of us to get a free time- the time when we can live all by ourselves and according to our own will. It is much hard to detatch ourselves from the tech equipments and especially our smartphones. The fact is really to be admitted that the smarter the phones are growing, the dumb they are making us. Tired of all these? Want a little free time so that you can enjoy your real life outside? This is possible now, if your smartphone’s OS platform is Android. There’s a new app for you to help with this- OFFTIME for Android.

offtime for android

Developed by OFFTIME itself, this app is awesome, and this can be downloaded for free from the google play store. Till date, only the preview version is available, which means you will be required an invite to use the app since it is still in the developing phase. You will have to download and install it in your android smartphone or tablet, enter your email, register, and wait for your activation code. It will take a while (it took about 36 hours for me to receive the email having the code, and similar is expected for all). After you get the code and enter it, you will be allowed to use all the features which are included in the app.

To talk about the features included in the apps in thorough, some of them are to block calls, texts and notifications, send auto-replies to them, and the comprehensive list of missed activities. Many more features are there, and the main plus point is that these are all available in an easy, clean interface. You can select the apps or contacts you want to be detatched with, and you will get a compete option on what to auto-reply them (if wanted). It is extremely user friendly, and you will have no hassle using the app to give you some free time. Hence, if you one of the many searching for some peace in your smartphone, download the OFFTIME for Android, and have it. Happy detatchment!



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