Well, playing games in the Android devices have been a part of our lives. I can not say all of us, but most of us like the puzzle games, which require a lot of mind work to play. Unlike the other games, these are quite different to play. And this time, if you are the one who love to play puzzle games in your Android smartphone or tablet, we have come up recommending a game for you to play: Can You Escape.

can you escape

Can You Escape can be downloaded absolutely free from the Google Play Store, and it is an absolutely free app. This app was originally developed by Kaarel Kirsipuu, but MobiGrow owns and maintains it at present. When you have it downloaded and installed in your Android device, you can launch it to play. It will always be in the landscape mode, and you can’t change it. When you launch it, you can see ‘play’, ‘options’ ‘level select’ and ‘more games’ with the ‘Can You Escape’ logo in the top. Tap in Play, and you will enter a room where you will have to collect various items by searching them around the room which will let you escape through it to another floor. To be precise, you will have to find the key or card which will let you open the elevator to reach next floor, but to find these, you will have to go through other processes too. For example- you will have to solve a puzzle to find a handle, and have to fix the handle in the drawer of the table and open it to find the key in the first level. No any tools can be carried, as each level requires a different set of tools which are found only around the room of that particular level. The process goes complex as the level goes up, but the ultimate objective of every level is the same. Currently there are only ten levels, but if you finish it and want more, there is another version of this game- the second part of can you escape, which is also free in the play store.

To pick up the items which will let you escape, all you will require is just to tap around the stuffs of the room, but you will have to apply your logic on where to tap. So, in overall, this is a simple, easy to play and a nice puzzle game having good graphics. The plus points of this game can be summarized as such (also it’s supported by most of the mid-range devices too), and its negative points is that it has only ten levels.


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