Here we have a list of the top Android Action and Shooter games. Keep in mind that while some of them are free, they may still have in-app purchase feature.

Call of Duty: Strike TeamCall of Duty

This list would be incomplete if it didn’t include a game from the popular Call of Duty franchise. But it is not all first-person shooter though. You can switch form first-person view to overhead drone view to direct your squad to cover, fire, throw grenades and much more. Due to this, you need to have precise aiming and strategy. However, drown view has its share of difficulties. Soldiers sometimes refuse to cover or duck and you need to switch back to first-person view, select the solder you want to control and then cover or duck and again switch back. Most of the level have straight forward objectives and are short. You can even level up to unlock new and powerful weapons, perks and currency to purchase equipment. Strike Team also has a survival mode where you have to face waves of enemies. Though Strike Team is difficult to play at times, you still won’t stop playing it.

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Dead SpaceDead Space

Dead Space is set out on an abandoned Space Station known as the Sprawl where you have to survive hordes of hungry zombies as you complete your objectives. The 12-mission campaign from Sprawl’s food processing center to mines in Titan (asteroid on which Sprawl is established) will leave you scared and shaking. The controls are a bit of a problem though. You have to jerk your device to the side to change between primary weapon and secondary weapon. Another problem with the controls is there are too many functions assigned to tapping on the screen – raising weapon, shooting, reloading, freezing enemy, etc. since Vandal (the character you’ll be playing) moves slowly throughout the game, it could get tricky while battling a fast-moving zombie at times. But these problem seem minor compared to how enjoyable the game manages to be with its gameplay, levels and combats.

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Dead TriggerDead Trigger

Dead Trigger is an amazing first-person zombie shooter. Your objective is to clear out zombies utilizing over a dozen weapons and making Safe Haven safer. You can earn currency completing the objectives and use them to buy and upgrade weapon and other equipment. Gameplay include 3 game modes – survive, defend and collect. Survival missions require you to survive hordes of zombies for a certain period of time, defense missions require you to defend a target for certain amount of time and Collection missions is all about picking up a box and taking it assigned area often many times in a row. The game’s difficulty increases as you progress. You will encounter mega-zombies while the game progresses. Dead Trigger’s graphics are high end and if you have a Tegra 3 device, you can play it in Ultra High with drastically improves the textures. The game features an in-app purchases allowing you to buy weapons and equipment with real money. You don’t need this to finish the game but it will help you progress faster. However, some stuffs in the game require you to pay real money. Dead Trigger is a fun to play shooter with great graphics. This is a paid app but it is definitely a great value for your money.

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Dead Trigger 2Dead Trigger 2

With the huge success of the original Dead Trigger, Madfinger decided to release Dead Trigger 2 with all the original fun plus more. Dead Trigger 2 still offers bit-sized missions along with the main story campaign with a set of unique missions. The optional mission will help you earn money and experience to help you play the main campaign. It main story campaign contains several missions split into the set of the USA and Africa but Madfinger will roll out updates to add more content. The graphics are absolutely stunning and Tegra users will have access to hidden graphics settings to improve the graphics even more. The gameplay hasn’t changed much but it has been made a bit easier. Auto-fire feature, new control layout, mission direction and enemy indicators will make you gameplay smother. The main update can easily be the option to upgrade your base where you have a small team of survivors with unique set of skill to help you upgrade. This game is definitely worth a play.

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The game is set on an apocalyptic wasteland where you play as a robot trying to find the way to the last standing outpost of humans. You have to defeat waves of robots, steal their parts and abilities and push your way through the wasteland. The graphics is stunning as it is powered by Unreal Engine. The gameplay is pretty simple – you tap on an enemy to start shooting, swipe down to take cover, swipe up to jump and swipe left or right while on cover to move between covers. You cannot actually aim at the enemy; you just select one and shoot, throw grenades, launch a multi-targeting missile, initiate overdrive, etc. you can customize everything on Epoch including weapons, chassis, armor, missiles which will help you get through waves of enemies who get more difficult as the game advances. This game features an in-app purchase system which will allow you to exchange real currency for in-game currency to buy upgrades. Epoch is fun to play with excellent graphics, controls and gameplay but it may get monotonous when you continuously push through waves of enemies.

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Mass Effect InfiltratorMass Effect Infiltrator

Based on the Mass Effect universe, you play as a Cerberus agent Randall Enzo. What you do is shoot stuffs and protect humanity form aliens. The gameplay is much like the Mass Effect series for the PC – you take cover by walking or running up to a barrier and control your character using two on-screen thumb-sticks. When you are in cover, shooting an enemy is quite easy. You will also be shown the available moves using arrows. Swipe in the direction of the arrow to change cover. You have to tap an enemy to engage and move your crosshair to aim. Tap again to stop shooting to prevent overheating you weapon. The ammo is unlimited but you have to keep track of the heat level of your weapon. Like the original Mass Effect games, you can upgrade your bionic abilities to toss your enemies up in the air, lunch projectiles, freeze, etc. The graphics is amazing in all the different stages of the game. Infiltrator is a fun shooter and should not be missed out if you love the original Mass Effect games.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero HourModern Combat 4

The first time you play this game, you instantly realize that it looks a lot like the Modern Warfare series available for PC. It is because MC4 is presented as its mobile equivalent. Being a first person shooter, its gameplay is a lot easier that we thought. You get directions to follow, you actually get to shoot using an arsenal of weapons, you can take cover and flank. You also get to play the villain – Edward Page. The controls are easy to use. You use the virtual thumbstick on the left to control the movement and the ones on the right side are used to aim, look, shoot, use grenades and the scope. In MC4, you can drag the crosshair while shooting to engage multiple enemies at once. Auto-aim is selected by default which many may think is not fair to use while playing but the game becomes really difficult without it. There are also come touchscreen gestures that you need to perform to get out of sticky situations.  He graphics and sound are amazing. The attention to details like the explosion and flames make the game soothing to the eyes. The environments are open and stunning. Overall, MC4 is a great shooter with easy controls and amazing graphics. So in my opinion, this game should not be missed.

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Modern Combat 5: BlackoutModern Combat 5

Unlike Modern Combat 4, MC5 focuses more on blowing up stuffs and shooting than the motives of blowing and shooting stuffs. The cut scenes are shorter compare to MC4. The game is set on different maps including a military base and a Buddhist temple with each map containing up to 6 missions. You also play a few spec-ops missions after you complete each map where need to breach, clear rooms, assassinate a target, rescue a hostage, etc. MC5 allows you to choose among different classes to suit your playing style. You can play as assault, heavy and sniper using multiple guns, attachments that will unlock as the game advances. The controls are similar to that of MC4. You use dual thumbsticks to perform desired action. The one on the left side is for the movement and the right side for aiming. MC5’s aggressive auto-aiming will help you advance the game easier. The graphics is stunning with amazing lighting, particles and textures. The game, if played with maxed out settings, will look absolutely amazing. I recommend you play this game with a controller or on Nvidia Shield.

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N.O.V.A. 3NOVA 3

N.O.V.A or Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance has always set a benchmark on mobile shooters with it amazing gameplay and graphics. The 3rd installment of this amazing game looks a lot like Halo and Crysis combined and adapted to mobile platform. You’ll enjoy every bit of this game with hours of gameplay, amazing graphics, an arsenal of weapons, power-ups, and awesome soundtrack. The campaign will get you hooked up while you defend the ruins of Earth against hordes of enemies in the street of New York and various other locations. The controls however could be a bit difficult to grasp. The location of reload and shoot button is not proper. The multiplayer mode is really fun to play with 6 maps, 6 game modes and 12 player battle. I loved this game and you would too.

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Shadowgun has one of the best visuals among various shooter games available for android. The environment looks beautiful and bright. On Tegra devices, these visuals are enhanced even more by adding shadows, complex lighting and textures. Shadowgun’s controls are good as well. The control are well places across the screen. The thumbsticks appear when you put your thumb on the screen and disappears when you remove it. The game keeps you engaged with its variety of enemies. You have to solve puzzles to access weapons chest and open doors. Shadowgun also features boss fights where you have to take cover and shoot at them whenever possible to take then down. This game is worth playing but its price is questionable, but if you have a Tegra device you must check it out.

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Sky Gamblers: Air SupermacySky Gamblers Air Supremacy

This is the only flight simulation game in this list but it is worth playing. The graphics make it worth every byte you have downloaded. The reflection of the sun and other details were definitely given attention. The game itself is not too difficult to play as you are giver various lessons to play the game during the tutorial session. In order to fly the plane you need to monitor various measurable like speed and altitude. Virtual thumbsticks helps you control the plane, dive and ascents. There are plenty of dogfights and missions to keep you engaged. The controls may take time to get used to but the game itself is very fun to play and look at. I would play this if I were you.

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