If you own a lot of devices then you know the struggle to keep track of the battery level of every gadgets and devices you currently own. What if you switch to your tablet because your phone’s battery is dead jut to find out that your tablet’s battery level is near zero? But you don’t have to worry anymore as Paranoid Gems has developed an app that can keep track of all your devices’ battery level. Here’s how to use this app.

How to keep track of all your devices’ battery level

First you need to head down to the Play Store and install Potential Beta. Potential Beta is also available on the Windows Store and Chrome Web Store. Make sure you install this app on your main device first. Now you need to create an account in order to access the battery info of all your device. Just type in your email address and password and you’re good to go.Potential Beta register

After you’ve finished installing Potential Beta on your primary device, you now need to install it on your other devices. Enter the same email address and password you used to register your primary device on your other devices.

Potential Beta is a simple app to use. Open the app and it’ll show you the current battery status of all the devices you’ve connected with along with their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi status. You can also ring your device remotely. If you want to log out your current device, just tap on the Log out button found inside the Settings.potential beta main screen

Now you don’t have to worry about leaving your devices’ Bluetooth or Wi-Fi turned on; just open Potential Beta and turn them off.


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