Everyone uses calculator now and then. Some use it on their calculus exam, some use it during shopping to calculate the discount amount. The point is everyone needs it but it is not possible to carry one with you every time. Although your android phone comes with a calculator pre-installed it may not be enough for some users, especially if the users are students. Luckily, there are every type of calculator apps available in the market and their count exceeds 100. So we decided to help you out and narrowed the choices. Here are the best calculator app for android.

CALCU: The Ultimate Calculator

Developer: Hoot Apps

Price: FreeCALCU The Ultimate CalculatorIt is pretty much a regular calculator app which can perform the regular arithmetic, algebraic and trigonometric functions which is built to sooth the eyes. You can change the theme form dark to light to colorful. But it does the function it was built for – calculations. Swipe up to reveal additional key and swipe down to see history and even select the problem you’ve done in the past. The Holo interface makes everything look sleek and simple. What really uplifts this calculator app from the app is that it calculates in real time while you’re entering numbers. There are reports of few bugs such the app giving errors in the middle of equations but I think it has been taken care by now.

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RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Developer: Quartic Software

Price: FreeRealCalc Scientific CalculatorThe developer claims that it is the #1 calculator on the Play Store and probably it is. It can solve tradition algebra, converts units, shows physical constants table, performs percentage operations, solves binary, octal and hexadecimal operations and many more. It even looks like a real calculator. RealCalc has 10 memories which means it can save up to 10 of your problems. Moreover, it has 3 display mode – Scientific, engineering and fixed point, so it is useful to almost every user. You can even solve those difficult trigonometry problems in degrees and radians. With its built-in help you can use this calculator app without any difficulties. This is a free version but there’s a pro version which unlocks extra features such as landscape mode, user customizable unit conversions and constants, etc.

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My Script Calculator

Developer: MyScript

Price: Freemy script calculatorThe main feature that this app includes is its ability to recognize your handwriting and perform mathematical operations. This feature in fact reduces the time need to perform a calculation as you don’t need to find the symbols and numbers, instead you can write the problem directly onto your screen and let the app do its magic. Throw in some simple mathematical problems or fractions, the app will show you the answer. To delete any number or symbol, you can either rub it or tap on trash-can icon on the top. But the app is not as perfect as it sounds though. It has its limitations. For instance, you can’t throw in lengthy equations and it also doesn’t support statistical symbols such as β, α and μ. The app will convert these statistical symbols into digits. Though this app is stable with no crashes, it is still not good enough for regular. The good news is that it’s free without any in-app purchases and it doesn’t support ads either.

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Easy Calculator Pro

Developer: MobileSoftJungle

Price: FreeEasy Calculator ProThis is another excellent calculator app for everyday use. Like the previous calculator app, this calculator also has memory support and it can solve problems containing up to 40 digits. It can display history, shows the solution in different formats (hex, oct, bin, etc.), show the exact location of error among others. The interface is simple and doesn’t strain the eyes. It can perform scientific and engineering functions with radians and degree with DMS (degree – minute – second) feature. You can download this app for free but if you like this app, you can donate via in-app purchase feature.

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Calculator ++

Developer: Sergey Solovyev

Price: FreeCalculator ++This free, ad – supported calculator app sports everything you ever need. From variables, constants to highlighting of expressions; this app has it all. It also features a home screen widget if you need it. Calculator ++ offers a minimalistic interface and allows you to change its theme. Although the app supports ads, it can be hidden if you use this app without being connected to the web.

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handyCalc Calculator

Developer: mmin

Price: FreehandycalcIf you’re looking for the calculator app which is goo on the looks then this is not the one for you. But don’t go on its looks, it has potential and can stand face to face with any calculator on this list. It can do almost everything there is related to calculations and numbers. You’ll know it packs a punch right after you start the app for the first time. It shows a demo on gestures control, solving equations, using trigonometry and other functions, etc. You’ll also find out that this app allows you to solve linear and non-linear equations, draw graphs and define own functions. handyCalc can also be used as a universal unit converter and will help you a lot during statistical calculations. Although I didn’t like the interface, it is very sleek and easy to use. The best this is – it’s completely free!

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