Searching for the best investment apps to get your economic life back on track? A solid financing app can manage daily financial activities, transfer money to savings accounts, monitor spending, and more. Which leaves you available to do more of the things that you just want to do. Here are the best investment apps.

Best Investment Apps


Betterment is one of the biggest and most famous of all. The software offers professionally run portfolios with a variety of ETFs and is balanced against your own tolerance for risk. If you’re willing to accept a little more risk, the app might find a higher return. When you need a more stable portfolio, Betterment will do that as well. You should set up Betterment and sit back as the professionals do the majority of the work.

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Stockpile is a cool application as it helps you to buy the company’s fractional shares. If you don’t have loads of money to buy the expensive tech stock, you can opt to buy half of it instead. Stockpile requires 99 cents per transaction and does not impose a monthly fee. Best Investment Apps The other cool thing about Stockpile is that it lets you offer a gift card which is redeemable for the stock, so it could be a way to have a younger member of the family to invest in a fun way. You don’t even need a gift wallet. Stockpile helps children to monitor their investments at any point, and you can set a list of acceptable stocks for them to sell. The app lets children share a wish list of stocks with family and friends.

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Invstr is what you get when you combine learning, real-life investment, and society in an app which is designed to offer novice investors a way to get into stock, particularly if you like gambling. The app incorporates a fantasy stock game, where you can help control a $200 billion simulated portfolio, with links to investor insight about stocks and other investments. Best Investment Apps The top performers of the month even earn real cash. If you want to turn any of those fantasy choices into real-life investments, you can buy a fractional share of $0.99 per trade as well as a whole share of $2.99 per trade in the game.

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Acorns is among the newest modern breed financial apps, but it’s still one of the most common because of how simple it’s to operate. You don’t really have to pay a lot of attention when you configure up the app. Link a debit or credit card to your profile and Acorns will round up the total transactions to the next dollar and invest the money in one of the few ETF portfolios.

The cost to Acorns Invest is a nominal $1 a month, although the company provides other services. When you want to step up, you can switch to Acorns Later, which is packaged with Acorns Invest, for an extra $1 per month. There are some extra features the app has to offer like Acorns spends (provides FDIC protected checking account). Get it from here.


Wealthbase is a younger entrant to the world of share market sports and could be the best user-friendly investment software out there for fun and stockpiling. You can set up matches with your friends to last as long as you want. Best Investment Apps Two aspects distinguish Wealthbase from the stock simulator world: first, the app blends social networks with stock mining. You’ll see a stream of stocks that your friends are buying up, with regular updates about who’s winning, and even a little fun “trash talk.” Second, the app runs really smoothly–no delay in loading, no hiccups.

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