We are all lifelong learners, and we still hold our eyes open on new apps, tools, and ways of learning languages. We figured we’d make your search simpler by making a list of our 5 top language learning apps.

Top Language Learning apps


Memrise is the place to go for a pleasant vocabulary training. There is no lack of courses in almost any language that you can think You may find structured courses based on common books or vocabulary occurrence lists as well as less-anticipated vocabulary sets. The app’s fun resides in two things: memes and gamification. The application follows a learning approach that focuses on making funny or weird connections with the vocabulary studied. Courses are also combined with memes intended to help you recall your vocabulary. The memes are built by the community, and others can all add their own.

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LinguaLift is a language app that focuses more on serious learners who want to have a full language curriculum with tutor assistance. Yeah, they’ve got a decent app, but it’s the extra support of qualified teachers that makes a real difference. Top Language Learning apps The teachers are ready to answer any queries you may have. They can help with grammar, recommend additional resources, and even give and review homework to those who are interested. The application itself is perfect for beginners with simple grammar descriptions, vocabulary & text learning resources, and a lot of interesting cultural perspectives that you can’t get with other language programs. And, of course, the qualified tutors who know the stuff.

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Busuu is providing complete courses in 12 different languages. The app is free, but to access most of the functionality and materials you need to spend $17 a month. The app takes you through the learning of individual words to basic dialogs and dialog queries, all of which have audio in which you can listen to the natural pronunciation. Top Language Learning apps Lessons are grouped in topical themes where we learn new skills and phrases relevant to tasks. the courses also come with a specific mini “travel course” for those who have to get the basics quickly before going abroad.

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An application designed to promote speech practice and remove the possible burden of real-time communication. Learners can identify native speakers and talk to them using a WhatsApp-like voice and text message chat. Users can fix each other’s texts with an in-built correcting tool, which turns language exchanges into tiny study sessions. Top Language Learning apps The app also has an embedded translation feature to help you prevent those times when you just want to talk, but there’s just a lack of a term that gives the expression its meaning.

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Mindsnacks brings gamification to a new level. Each of the 7 languages they offer comes with eight or nine small games intended to help you learn vocabulary, grammar, and listening. There are quick, easy lessons explaining concepts which are then learned or evaluated in games before they are perfected. Mindsnacks tracks your progress so that you can easily see how much further you need to practice in order to gain competence in every area. It’s such a great app that even if you master a skill, it’s always fun to go back and play more games to improve it!

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