With a huge 6.5 inch AMOLED screen, you can easily run two apps at a time with each app occupying half of the screen. But the problem is not all app support this. Fortunately, good boy – Samsung has given its user a fix. Samsung has given us an app that can force an app to run on the split screen. Because we are forcing these apps to do what they are not designed to do, some app may run buggy, but some app may run fine. Here’s how to make an app work on split screen in Galaxy Note 9.

Make an app work on split screen in Galaxy Note 9

What you need is an app called Good Lock. It is available for free on Galaxy Apps – the exclusive app store for Samsung devices. Open Galaxy Apps and search for Good Lock. Install it by tapping on the install button. Make an app work on split screen in Galaxy Note 9 Open the app after it has been installed. On the main screen, you will find 6 options. You do not need to know about all these options for this particular tutorial. All you need to use is a feature called MultiStar. Tap on it and select Install. Go back to the main screen and tap on MultiStar again to open it. You now need to enable “Enable multi-window to all apps” option. Tap on the Restart button when prompted. Now you can enjoy running 2 apps on the split screen. This feature only works on Android 8.1 for now. Since Note 9 is running that specific version of Android, you will be just fine. Make an app work on split screen in Galaxy Note 9 With this feature, you will be able to run any app on the split screen even if the app doesn’t support it. Some app may be buggy in this mode though. Now you can multitask better. Go ahead, watch some music video on YouTube while getting some work done on Powerpoint. Also Read:


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