This is the era of notches – accept it even if you do not like it. Google recently launched the 3rd version of Pixel line of phones. Pixel 3 XL is the one with a bigger screen. If you love the device but are doubting whether you should buy it or not because of the notch, you do not have to worry. There is a way you can hide the notch. Here’s how to hide the notch on Google Pixel 3 XL.

Hide the notch on Google Pixel 3 XL

You may not find the option to “hide the notch” as easily in the Pixel 3 XL as you can find on devices like OnePlus 6 and Huawei P20 Pro. There is no option to “hide the notch” technically speaking. However, there is an option to draw a black bar on the status bar to give you an illusion that the notch has disappeared. The settings make it confusing for users to find the option. This is why we are here to help. Hide the notch on Google Pixel 3 XLFollow the steps below. Step 1: Go to the device’s Settings. Step 2: Scroll down and tap on System > About Phone. Step 3: Find Build number and rapidly tap several times on it till you see a message pop up. You will be asked to enter the PIN. This unlocks the Developer options. Step 4: Go back to System then select Advanced. Step 5: Find Simulate display with a cutout and tap on it to see a bunch of options. Change it to Hide. Hide the notch on Google Pixel 3 XL This will hide the notch you hate so much. Even after hiding the notch, it doesn’t really affect the size of the screen so much. The screen still looks bigger. So if you have already bought the device or are on the verge of buying it but you have a doubt about the notch, this way you can hide it. Also Read:


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