Everyone need to Factory Reset their phone at some point in their life. The reason behind factory resetting may differ from phone to phone. Some of the possible reasons are frozen or black screen, apps crashing or freezing, lagging or any other issue which makes the smartphone work abnormally. Today, I will show you How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The method for factory resetting S8 and S8 + is slightly different from its previous models but it is as easy and simple as its predecessor.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

[quote bcolor=”#acacac”]Note: Factory Reset will erase all the data and information, downloaded app, photo, music and all such things that you have stored in internal memory. So, I would recommend you to back-up everything before you Reset your phone. Also make sure your phone battery is more than 60% otherwise you phone may stuck while performing Factory Reset due to lack of battery.[/quote]

To back-up all the useful content, follow the given process.

  • Go to Setting >> Cloud and accounts >> Backup and restore

[quote bcolor=”#8078ce”]Important Note: After Resetting your Phone, you will need to enter a previous/ old Google username and password associated with the device. If you don’t have the information, you won’t be able to complete setup process and use the device at all after factory reset. [/quote]

Other things to remember before you factory reset the phone :

  • Back up all your important data [Eg: Photos, Videos, Documents etc]
  • Make sure you have an Internet connection.
  • If you have recently reset your Google account password then wait 24 hours.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus:

  • Go to Setting >> Scroll down and select General management option
  • Click on Reset option.

Process to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Once you click Reset other option will appear
  • Click on Factory data reset

Process to Factory Reset S8 Plus

  • Scroll and read the information on the screen >> Click Reset button.
  • Now you’ll see Delete All button. Click on it.

It will take few minutes to complete the process. Once the process is finished, you will have to setup the phone just like you do when you get the brand new phone.

I hope that you are now able to perform the Factory Reset by yourself. Let us know if you have anything to ask related to this topic.

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