Factory Reset iPhone or iPad is the solution for many issue related to the device. Whether you are planning to sell your iPhone or transfer the ownership of the device to another individual ( Your family members or friends), it is better to reset you iPhone or iPad before giving them so that all your content will be erased and they won’t get hands on your stuff.

Factory Reset iPhone or iPad

Factory Reset can help you resolve issue related to software, whether it is crashing, freezing  or if you have done something wrong with the setting or the device. It will make your iPhone new from software viewpoint as if you have just switched on the brand new iPhone and you have to go through all new setup procedure that all new device go through.

[quote bcolor=”red”]Important Note: Factory Resetting your iPhone will erase all the data and information, downloaded app, photo, music and all such things that you have stored in internal memory. So, I would recommend you to back-up everything before you Reset your phone. Also make sure your phone battery is more than 60% otherwise you phone might stuck while performing Factory Reset due to lack of battery.[/quote]

How to Factory Reset iPhone or iPad

First thing that you have to do is Turn Off “Find My iPhone”.

Find My iPhone

  • Go to Setting>> Scroll down and select iCloud option
  • Again scroll down and Tap on “Find My iPhone
  • Now turn off the Find My iPhone”
  • Instantly, you will get a dialogue box asking you to Enter your Apple ID Password
  • Enter your Password and click on Turn off

This process is done to remove your account from the iPhone and turn off Find My iPhone. So that new user can insert his account in the phone. Now let’s jump to the main method.

Method 1: Factory Reset (Using Setting Menu)

Factory Reset (Using Setting Menu)

  • Go to Setting>> Tap on “General
  • Scroll down and select Reset option
  • Now, Click on Erase All Content and Settings
  • If you have set Passcode, you’ll need to enter your Passcode
  • Read the information on the screen and touch Erase iPhone
  • Again you’ll see Erase iPhone Click on it.
  • It will start Resetting.

The Resetting process can take few minutes depending upon the Storage of the iPhone. You don’t have to worry, just wait and finally you will see the welcome screen. Now it will work as brand new iPhone.

Method 2: Factory Reset (Using iTune)

Factory Reset (Using iTune)

  • Make sure you have latest version of iTunes. Now open the iTunes on your Mac/ (laptop)
  • Then connect the iPhone to Mac/ (laptop) using USB cable.
  • If a message asks for your device passcode or to Trust This Computer, Tap on Trust option.
  • Click on Devices in the top right and choose iPhone.(Choose iPad, if you are resetting iPad)
  • Also make sure that the summary tab is selected.
  • You can see “Restore iPhone” option in the box. Click on it.

    confirm restore

  • Again a dialogue box will appear confirming you to Click on it.
  • It will start Restoring you phone to factory settings.

So, these are two methods to Factory Reset iPhone or iPad. Now you are able to Reset the iPhone by yourself. Let us know how you like this tips.


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