Instagram is the world’s most popular photo sharing social networking app. In the world of competition, Instagram doesn’t want to fall behind so it rolls-out new and interesting features time and again to grab the attention of its users. Recently, Instagram introduced offline feature to offer more convenient to its users and now within couple of weeks Instagram rolls-out mobile web sharing feature publicly.

Instagram rolls-out mobile web sharing feature publicly

The new mobile web sharing feature provides basic features of the main app. It lets users post photos, browse feed and profile, search for accounts, view notification, see suggested accounts and it is even a lightweight version of Explore tab. Some of the features are still missing like video uploads, filters, Stories, and Direct Messaging. Hopefully these features will be added soon. Still photos can’t be uploaded from the desktop website.

[quote bcolor=”#fcb543″]The company says TechCrunch, “ (accessed from mobile) is a web experience optimized for mobile phones. It’s designed to help people have a fuller experience on Instagram no matter what device or network they are on.” [/quote]

Instagram web sharing
Using Instagram app from iOS device and Android device

The new mobile web sharing feature is rolled out mainly for the people of the developing countries. As the speed of the cellular network may not be fast enough to download the Instagram app easily and the cellular data cost a lot to them, so they won’t spend a huge data on downloading the app. Also, they may not have enough storage on the phone to download the app without deleting necessary app.

Instagram rolls-out mobile web sharing feature

mobile web sharing feature

80% of the Instagram users are outside US. So, it is obvious that the market is really good and it can further be expanded. Instagram rolls-out mobile web sharing feature which will be hit among the people of the developing countries. They don’t have to worry about downloading main app or sacrificing the phone storage or even loosing huge data to download the app.

Instagram has crossed 700 million monthly users. It added its last 100 million in just 4 months after averaging 9 months per 100 million users for several years.

The market as well as the competition in the market is rapidly increasing. So, the company has to think differently to be at the top of the competition and rule the market. The new launch of mobile web sharing feature raised a question whether the company will release an Instagram Lite version of its main app, like some other apps like Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite.

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