Fast charging is a relatively new feature available for smart devices. This feature makes sure you get some juice even if you have a little time to charge your device. But what if it stops working? If you start to notice your fast charging is not charging as it used to or not charging at all, we can help. Here’s how to fix fast charging problems. Below are some methods that can help you fix your fast charging problem.

How to fix fast charging problems?

Reboot your device

A good reboot sometimes solves your problems. Unplug your device from the power source and completely shut down your device. Wait for some seconds before you power it up again. After you are past the boot animation, connect the charger and place it on your wireless pad. Even if this doesn’t work, we still have a few more solutions.

Run your battery dry

Every once in a while, it is a good idea to let your battery run completely dry. if you have the time, run your battery dry and leave it charging till it is completely full before you turn on your device. It is always a good idea to do this every few months. Do not use a fast charger. Use your normal charger till your reach 100%.fix fast charging problems

Check the cable

Sometimes the easiest way to fix the fast charging problem is to pull out the cable and put it in the port again. You’ll be surprised to know how many of these problems are caused by cable not fitting properly. Even if you are sure that you have put in the cable properly, pull it out and put it in again just to make sure. If you are using a wireless charger, leave the dock connected for a few minutes before you put your device on it.fix fast charging problems

Remove the battery

This only works if your device has removable battery. If you don’t, skip this step. Do not try to remove the battery if it is not meant to be removed. If your battery is removable, power off your device and wait a few seconds before you remove the battery. After a few minutes, put it back in.

Replace Cable/Charger

Most of the times, the culprit is your cable or adapter. Borrow your friends’ charger and cable to see if there is any difference. If yes, buy a new cable or adapter. If you have any other smart device, try your changer and cable to charge it and see if the problem persist.fix fast charging problems

Try different app

If you are using an app to fast charge your device, try some other app. Fast Charging Pro, Battery Turbo are two popular apps for charging your battery faster. Try them and see if there is any difference.

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