You’ve heard about screen mirroring – the ability to view your screen on a larger screen. But, what you haven’t heard about is “Screen Sharing”. With Inkwire, you can share your device’s screen with another device and remotely control your device. Here’s how to share screen with another Android device.

How to share screen with another Android device

Search of Inkwire on the Google Play store or follow this link to download and install it. This app, along with its screen sharing capability, also has voice call feature. Inkwire needs to be installed on both the devices to work. If the receiver doesn’t have the app installed, a link will open up Inkwire’s download page on Google Play Store. Follow the steps below to setup the app and get it going.

Setup Process

Setting up this app is fairly easy. Once the app is installed, you will have to choices – Share this Android and See a shared Android.

If you tap on “Share this Android” button, you will get a unique access code which needs to be shared with the receiver. You can send this code via mail, message or directly to the receiver. If the receiver doesn’t have the app installed, the link will open Play Store page of Inkwire’s. You can enable microphone from the notification bar. You can also stop sharing the screen from tapping on “Stop” on the notification panel.share screen with another Android device

Seeing a shared Android is even easier. If you are at the receiving end, all you have to do is tap on “See a shared Android” and enter the unique code you received. If you want to stop seeing the shared screen, tap on the “Stop” button on the notification panel.

This is it. The quality mainly depends on your connection. It is recommended that you use this app while on WiFi or 4G network. Inkwire can be used as a troubleshooting app. If you are having any problem with your device, ask a friend to install the app, share the code and he will troubleshoot your device for you.

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