We all get spam calls; some more than others. We are yet to receive any spam calls that are actually beneficial. If you use Nexus or Google Pixel, you already have a system for detecting and blocking spam calls. You do not need to install 3rd party apps to detect and prevent spam calls. If you use any other android device, then you will have to install any one of the apps that are mentioned in this article. Here’s how to know if it is a spam call.

How to know if it is a spam call

Truecallerknow if it is a spam call

You have probably already heard of this app. Truecaller is the best spam call detector, caller id and dialer app for android. It does its job efficiently and the UI is quite minimalistic. This app can be a great alternative for your dull stock dialer. Apart from the dialer, it also comes up with a fully loaded phone book, contact list and many other features that you may not find in a stock dialer. The major feature is its ability to detect spam call. Truedialer can detect spam calls even if your device is not connected to the internet. But, internet connection is recommended if you want to get accurate results. I’ve been using this app myself for some time now, and I got to say this app is simply the best

Mr. Numberknow if it is a spam call

Is Truecaller is too mainstream for you, Mr. Number is another great app for detecting and blocking spam calls. This app offer tons of cool features along with a sleek interface. With this app, you can block calls, text messages of those annoying telemarketers along with other spam calls and messages. Mr. Number can intercept calls from unknown numbers and hang up automatically. However, it doesn’t block text messages on newer versions of Android. This may not be a problem later.

Honorable mentions

CallApp looks pretty and works perfectly. This app can block spam calls and marketers with ease. Its database contains billions of numbers and is accurate when it comes to identifying spammers. Should I Answer is another such app that blocks spam number and gives you the rating of the caller’s number. With its offline database, this app is effective even without internet connection.

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