When you press a physical key or type on an actual keyboard, you can feel the keys being pressed. There is a sort of satisfaction you feel when you feel the keys pressing (Or maybe it’s just me). This is not the case in soft keys. You can’t actually feel the keys being pressed. Haptic feedback makes the soft keys vibrate to make it feel more real. But for some reason you need to feel the vibration on the physical keys, we got you covered. Here’s how to add haptic feedback on hard keys on Android.

Add Haptic Feedback on Hard Keys

This procedure does not require a rooted device. All you need is a free app available in the Google Play Store and a device running on Android. This app lets you add vibration to home, volume, power, back and recent buttons. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download VibeOnKey from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the app. Open its settings and grant access to Accessibility Settings. Tapping on the Accessibility Settings inside the app’s settings will take you to Android’s settings. There, look for ViveOnKey app and enable access.

Step 3: Once that is taken care of, open the app and tap on Keys.add haptic feedback on hard keys

Step 4: Select from the list of button available that you want to enable vibration on. The change takes place immediately. You don’t need to restart your device.

You can even adjust the duration of vibration. By default, the duration is set to 30ms. You can adjust it using the Force slider. If you don’t have the hard keys that you enabled haptic feedback for, vibration wouldn’t work. You shouldn’t enable feedback for the key you don’t have.

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