Everybody loves emojis. They bring life to otherwise dull text messages. They help express emotions. But some of you might not like the way those little yellow things look on your device. We have to admit that emojis on iPhone is kind of better looking. You can replace them, but it will require you to root your device and perform some complicated procedures to change the way they look. Plus, doing this may prevent you from getting stock updates. Who wants to do that, right? However, there is a way to change these emojis without causing any problem when you’re trying to update your device OTA. You device still need to be rooted though, but it doesn’t have any complicated procedures. Here’s how to get iPhone emojis on Android.

How to get iPhone emojis on Android

First, you need to download the emojis file. It is in a .zip file. This is the file required to transform the emojis on your device and make it look like iPhone’s. Don’t worry; this will not alter anything on your system partition that will prevent you from getting official software updates.get iPhone emojis on Android

Now, you need to download Magisk Manager app. Install it. Open it, grant the required permissions and then go to Modules section. Tap on the “+” button located at the bottom. From there, select the emojis.zip file you’ve downloaded previously and wait for it to be installed. Tap on “Reboot” when asked. You can also reboot later on your own free time, but reboot is required to see changes. And this is it.

Once the device finishes booting, you will see iPhone styled emojis on your keyboard. Some apps such as Viber, uses their own emojis, but now you can send iPhone styled emojis in text messages.

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