Nowadays, since the mobile data is costly, most of the people use the WiFi of unlimited internet plans in their every devices. From devices as large as computer to as small as Android Wears, using WiFi is inevitable. Android has become more than our basic need as an OS, and as the people are getting smarter, they are buying new devices such as the smartwatches, and those operating on Android are known as Android Wears.

How to set-up and use WiFi on Android Wear?

With WiFi connectivity on your watch, you could leave your phone on the other side of your house or office, lose that Bluetooth connection, yet still sync notifications to your wrist. You still get to interact with notifications, respond to messages via voice, and launch Google voice actions. This really is one of those game-changing type features because it allows your watch to be less reliant on having your phone nearby at all times.

While setting up and using WiFi on the Android smartphones or tablets is so easy process and anyone can do it (still can be difficult for those who are using Android for first time), those who are new to the Android Wear can find a bit hassling to connect and use WiFi on it. Hence, for the newbies to the Android Wears, here we are up with a short and sweet guide on how to set-up and use WiFi on Android Wear.

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Follow these steps:

  1. Put your Android smartphone nearby to the Android Wear so that they are connected (they are so normally, but still do not forget).
  2. Open the Android Wear App in your smartphone, and go to the Settings.
  3. Scroll down in the Settings, and down below  you will find an option called ‘Cloud Sync’. Tap on it, and turn it on to sync your Android smartphone and Android Wear.
  4. Grab your watch, and in the watch, go to the Settings Menu.
  5. In the Settings Menu, go to WiFi settings.
  6. You will see the available networks. Click on any of it, and you will see ‘Open on Phone’.
  7. Tap on that, and you will get a prompt on your phone asking for password. Enter the password, and that’s it. You are connected and can use WiFi on your Android Wear easily now.

Method 2

You can try this:
1. Reset your watch (reset not reboot), and do the following while its resetting
2. On your phone go into the bluetooth settings and forget your watch
3. Uninstall Android Wear from your phone
4. Re-Install Android Wear
5. After your watch is rebooted, pair it with your phone
6. When you get to the tutorial on your watch, press the button on the side for a few seconds to get into the settings menu, and go down to system and check for update.


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