There was a time when we drooled over live wallpapers. It brought us a fresh new look for our Android devices. With a verity of options, it would liven up our devices. But, the craze eventually faded. The reason? Battery drain! Is it true though? And are modern live wallpapers drain the same amount or are they optimized? Does live wallpapers drain battery? Read on to find wallpapers drain battery

Live wallpaper, 7 years ago, where considered as a breakthrough. But little did they know that they would make you run to the nearest power outlet every now and then. I still remember when I bought Sony Xperia X10, I immediately played around with the live wallpapers. Doing that made it a power hungry monster. I got tired with sticking it to a charger every few hours, so I went back to static wallpapers. However, this is not a problem in today’s scene. Today’s live wallpapers are coded right as well as optimized for optimal battery usage. However, there still are some live wallpapers in the Play Store with stone-age graphics and code that can cause your device to slow down. But is you search right, this shouldn’t be a problem.

So, does live wallpapers drain battery?

They do, of course; if you compare it to static wallpapers. But if you compare it with what you had 6-7 years ago, it is far more optimized. Plus, the consumptions depends on the type of wallpaper and what hardware it uses. If your live wallpaper uses GPS or accelerometer, then the consumption could be a little higher than the one that doesn’t. Most of today’s popular live wallpapers such as Muizei Live Wallpaper consume about 2-4 percent more battery than a static wallpapers drain battery

Should you install one?

Sure. Try a few. Go for the popular ones. They are so optimized that you will barely notice any drain. Plus, today’s devices come with better configurations so battery drain and resource usage should not be a problem. Worry less about the drain and decorate your screen.

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