Notification bar and the way it is shown in a tray has always been one of the strong features of Android. And, it has been upgraded on each of the versions. So how do you change what is already perfect and make it even better? One of the major change that Android Oreo comes with is the notification system. Here are some changes and additions to Android Oreo Notification System.

Android Oreo Notification System

Notification Channels

Apps can now show us notification on different categories. Let’s take YouTube app for example. The three categories of notification in YouTube where two of them are handled by the system and one is account based such as notifications of the channels you have subscribed when they upload a video is how Oreo has updated the notification system. Other than that, you can control the importance of the notification and what sound should be played and more. You can find these in app’s settings but only if the developer built the app targeting Oreo.Android Oreo Notification System

Notification Badges

These were already available on third-party launchers but are now integrated into the OS itself. Notification Badges are the “dots” that is displayed on the app’s icon if you haven’t looked at its notifications. These badges are synced into the cloud; meaning if you have checked it on your computer or other devices, they will go disappear on every other device.Android Oreo Notification System

Notification Snoozing

This was introduced in Android Marshmallow. Snoozing a notification is necessary if you do not want to clear it but do not want to see it at that particular moment. After the assigned time, the notification will re-appear. Checking the same notification from another device will not bring it back on another device, and if you snooze a Gmail notification, new email will not bring it back until the time is up.

Background Colors

Notifications can now have a background color for each category. You can assign a color to a category that is critical for you to see at a glance. This can help important and ongoing notification to stand out making it easier for the user to view at glance.Android Oreo Notification System

Messaging Improvements

With Oreo, the notification provides more information when collapsed and expanded. You can use quick reply when collapsed and see message history when expanded. If you tend to forget that the conversation was about, you no longer need to open the app to see previous messages.

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