Ad blockers could be the most useful apps on your devices because in a perfect world you didn’t need to use them at all. You just push the button, and ads disappear. But in reality, ad blockers cause more issues than solve. The first issue is the low-quality ad-blocking as a majority of ad-blockers use only rough DNS filtration which ruins the way websites display. The second issue is that many ad-blockers implicitly or explicitly collaborate with advertisers and sell your data at worst or show you specific ads at best. And the third issue is the lack of security.

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Today we will be showing you the new Ad Blocker that works like a charm. AdLock is one of the amazing ad-blocking app that gives you total benefit over other majority of ad-blocking apps. It has promised to make you headache free as it doesn’t have any of mentioned issues. Here, we will check whether it’s true or not.

What is AdLock?

AdLock is an ad-blocking solution from Slovakian software company Hankuper compatible with Android and Windows PC, and extension for Google Chrome compatible, inter alia, with macOS. In addition to ad-blocking, all AdLock products offer anti-tracking, safe browsing, and privacy protection. It doesn’t have any issue across all the Android devices. 

What does AdLock offer?


AdLock is a systemwide ad-blocker it blocks ads in all applications, among which games and messengers. You don’t have to worry about all the ads that keeps displaying or popping-up on your display.

Custom whitelist

You can add a specific app or a website to the list of exclusions and AdLock won’t block ads on them. There is no, however, a default list of acceptable ads which is good. In all depends on you which site you want to view the ads and which one to restrict.


Before your browser opens a web page, AdLock checks whether its URL is on a list of unwanted websites or not. And if it is, AdLock won’t let to navigate to the said website. This feature is based on a Google tool with the same name and it can help you to browse in safe and healthy manner.


You can restrict Internet access to specific applications. It’s a pretty useful feature if you use mobile data a lot and want to save expensive megabytes, this app will help you a lot. Just make sure to choose the right app that consume more of your mobile data.

Privacy protection

AdLock prevents online tracking and doesn’t let advertisers spy on you, but that’s what all ad-blockers promise to do. Distinguishing feature of AdLock is the privacy of an app itself. AdLock works inside of your device it doesn’t send requests to the server. It is a significant layer of protection no other ad-blocker offers.

The first launch

After you installed AdLock, you will be greeted by the white screen with a list of app’s features and a round button with an arrow inside. Push the button, and you’ll be navigated to the main screen. At the main screen, you’ll see a giant Turn AdLock On button. Once you push it, you’ll get a pop-up request from AdLock to enable VPN. After you enable VPN, AdLock will start to block ads. You would think this is it, but it isn’t. On the main screen, you’ll see a yellow note telling you to turn on HTTPS filtration. If you don’t enable it, ad-blocking will still perform, but it won’t be as neat as it should be. Switch the toggle and follow instructions for installing AdLock certificate. After you complete, all previous steps you’ll get the maximum ad-blocking.

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First Interface of App
custom whitelist
Second Interface of App
safebrowsing adlock
Third Interface of App
firewall adlock
Fourth Interface of App
privacy protection
Fifth Interface of App

So, AdLock is not really a one-button solution, owing to Android restrictions. However, it’s not complicated to set it up as well.

The final thoughts

AdLock is a simple and angry tool to block ads and protect your privacy. It’s pretty light and swift that doesn’t overload your device’s system. It is recommended to thinks it’s worth and give it a try. Moreover AdLock offers a 14-day free test drive to meet all the features.

For more details: Visit AdLock website

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