Gone are the days of bulky TV remote controls that needs battery and frequent cleaning.  Also, these darn things are easily misplaced so you’ve already missed half of your favorite TV show till you find it. I personally had to replace my TV remote 3 times because I dropped it on a concrete floor making it completely useless. Remember how you smash these innocent things to make it work? Have some pity you guys. Good folks at WaveSpark just made it easy for you and the abused remote by developing the app called IR 2.0. This is the ultimate remote app you need. It can control almost all TVs and Cable Box. However this app only works on those smart devices that has IR blasters (IR stands for Infra-red for all those who don’t know) such as HTC ONE M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5. Now let’s see How to turn your Android into a remote control for tv with IR 2.0 app.IR 2.0 remote app for android

This app is available for free on the Google Play Store but there is also a pro version with more features which you can buy via in-app purchase for $5.99. When you first open this app, you’ll see some familiar buttons – the ones you see on your TV remote. Power button, Mute, Volume up and down, Sleep, Menu, etc. – this app has it all. Slide it from the right and you’ll be able to access the number buttons. Slide it to the left to see the menu. There you’ll see the Exit button, Settings, TV listings EPG, Saved Remotes, IR Databases and Upgrade. IR Database is a collection of different pre-sets for different remotes manufactured by companies all over the world. Saved Remotes contain the pre-sets you’ve saved for later use. Tap on Settings to be able to see and adjust some settings including the vibration duration of buttons. This app does not only controls TVs, it can also control Blu-Ray players, some set-top box and even air conditioners.turn your Android into a remote control for tv with IR app

So the next time you can’t find our remote or get confused which remote controls what, just head over to this IR app.


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