The Maze Runner, which is a game developed for smartphones by PIKPOK, is based on the movie of the same name, which is also based on the book which also has the same name. If you are into the games in which you can run sliding, jumping, rolling and bypassing all the dangerous obstacles, this is probably the game for you. Here we are reviewing the Android version of this game.

Pros Cons
Good graphics and sound Expensive players and features
Nice features and gameplay Back Button ends the game
Simple and intuitive controls Not much playtime

The Maze Runner

At our very first play  of this game, we can realize that this has derived the concept from some of the most popular Android games, one of them being the Temple Run. This is not an easy game to play, not so much difficult either. Whenever you launch the game, you will have to tap in the screen to start running, and when you do that you will get inside to select the levels. Select one of the levels and start running. Inside this, you will see the options to upgrade the powers, and the option to run. When you tap, you will realize that you are dropped into a maze, with no memory and no way out, forced to join with others who are in the same situation, in a desperate hope to survive. Select the runner you wish to send out to run in the maze and retrieve supplies and find clues. Once the run has started maneuver your chosen runner by swiping and tapping on the screen to avoid obstacles, collect coins, and find clues. You will also love the feature of collecting coins in order to upgrade your character or unlock a new one. Each runner has his own stats which can be improved, but they must be unlocked first, some through in-app purchases and some through in-game currency. The Gladers 1 player is for free, and the Winston character can be bought for 50,000 coins. Rest of the characters which are mentioned in the book and the additional powerups need to be bought though, which cost $3 to $30 and can be really annoying for those who don’t want to pay. You will have the option to choose and buy players or powerups in the launch screen, where you will also see the box and setting options.

Every objective you complete in a level, which means if you find all the clues, will take you to another level. In the run, you will get to collect the coins which are used to purchase stuffs, and boosts which which help a lot in the completion of the run (we are so familiar with this , we’ve been playing running games since a long time and almost all games have the same concept). Whenever you die, you will have the option to revive and continue playing, where you will have to expense a gem, and the demand grows double every time you die in a single game (this one is also much familiar).

One of the main downsides of this game that I’ve realized is that whenever we tap in the ‘back’ key of our smartphone, the game just ends, without directing in the previous menu. Though, it is quite different than the mainstream running games, where you have to run unlimited and the speeds keeps on increasing.

In overall, this game is not much innovative or so, but it is fun if you love running games. It will entertain you if you are into the running games and want a little bit of refreshment inside the genre, but is of no fun if you are already tired of the running apps.

Download The Maze Runner from the Google Play Store.


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