Samsung Galaxy phones, especially the newer ones, have decent sound quality if not the best. But it gets even better with Dolby Atmos. Samsung has partnered with Dolby Laboratories to bring its sound technology called Dolby Atmos to Samsung devices. This technology is in your Samsung device, but it is turned off by default. Enabling Dolby Atmos will make the sound louder and give you immersive experience while watching movies or listen to songs. Here’s how to improve sound quality in Samsung Galaxy devices.

Improve Sound Quality in Samsung Galaxy devices

According to Dolby, “Dolby Atmos for mobile brings the premier cinema sound experience to your mobile life, creating powerful, moving audio on your phone or tablet over speakers and headphones. It even supports newer mobile devices with four speakers to give you bigger, better sound you have to hear to believe. Even for entertainment that wasn’t created in Dolby Atmos, you’ll hear a much richer and more expansive sound”. You’ll know what they tell is true after you experience it by yourself. You get amazing sound with astonishing clarity and you will experience moving audio that makes you feel the sound is coming from around you and not from the drivers of your earphones.

improve sound quality in Samsung

Enabling Dolby Atmos is simple;

Step 1: Open Settings either by tapping on the gear icon on the Quick Settings or by tapping on the icon from App Drawer.

Step 2: Tap on Sound and vibrations.

Step 3: Now select Advanced sound settings.

Step 4: There, tap on Sound quality and effects.

Step 5: You’ll find Dolby Atmos there and a toggle just beside it. Tap on the toggle to enable it.

improve sound quality in Samsung

If you want to customizes Dolby Atmos’ settings, tap on the text and not the toggle. This will bring up its settings where you can configure the enhancements. Play with the settings while listening to music to know how drastic the experience is.

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