The lock screen is as important as any other part of your smartphone. You don’t even know how many time you glance at your lock screen in a day. From checking the time to seeing the notifications, this ignored screen offers you a lot more than you know. This screen is the gateway to all the things you do on your device, so why not customize it to suit your needs. With the level of customization Android offers and thanks to Samsung Experience Home, you can do some changes on your lock screen and make it functional. One such function is the ability to assign shortcuts to the to apps or functions you use the most. By default, you get Phone and Camera apps assigned to those spots, but you can easily change them with the ones you need the most. Here’s how to change lock screen shortcuts on Galaxy S9.

Change Lock Screen Shortcuts on Galaxy S9

You can choose any two apps and place it as your lock screen shortcuts. The app you choose entirely depends on your preference and what apps you use frequently. It might be a combination of Phone and Message or Browser and Maps. Follow the steps below;

Step 1: Go to the System Settings.

Step 2: Find Lock Screen & Security and tap on it.

Step 3: Select App Shortcuts.

Change Lock Screen Shortcuts on Galaxy S9

Step 4: Tap on Left shortcut to change the default app on the left shortcut and tap on Right shortcut to change the app on the right shortcut.

Step 5: Pick any app you want.

You can also disable the shortcut option entirely by using the toggle. After you finish deciding what app you want on the place of those shortcuts, you can go to the lock screen to check if it actually changed.

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