The rapid change in the field of science has developed various technologies that are both known and unknown to us. We are in age where everything is computerized. Even nowadays we use virtual payment systems like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and many other payment system to pay for our purchased items. Isn’t that technology? You go to a shop, buy your products and pay with your smartphone. While on the other hand, we have our credit and debit card too.  But the question is how secure are those digital cards that hold our information inside a small chip or tags? The payment information on those cards could be captured by hackers even if they are inside your wallet. But how? The answer here is RFID.


What is Radio Frequency Identification?

RFID, an acronym for “Radio-Frequency Identification” is a technology where data stored in tags or smart labels are captured by a frequency reader via radio waves. RFID identify objects, collect the data and stores the data directly into the system database with the help of radio waves. The most notable thing is that RFID can be read outside of the line-of-sight. You don’t need to align the chip with the reader. Number of devices uses RFID chips for personal tracking, Controlling access and many more.

In the case of RFID Credit and Debit card, the chips contain all of your payment information. Yo just simply touch the reader, rather than swiping a card or inserting a card. Now, What if a hacker simply points the reader towards your credit card? They can make the same copy of your information and you may not know it. Nowadays, the trend of using Blocking wallets is increasing. Use of such wallets could be one of the option to protect your information.

What is an RFID Blocking Wallets ?

An RFID Blocking Wallets is a wallet that blocks any radio waves from cards so that the devices of the hackers cannot intercept the radio signal.

Do you Really need an RFID Blocking Wallets ?

There is no exact answer to this question. The choice is yours. Getting an effective Blocking wallets should give you security rather than feeling sorry for later.


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