Switching between two different platforms seems to be a complicated process in the past. It takes a long process in switching the information from one device to another. But nowadays, cloud services and other migration tools has made sharing easy. Mostly, in case of iPhone to android the transition process has become easy.

Transfer Calendar From iPhone To Android

In this article we will be sharing the method to transfer or sync Google Calendar from iPhone to android. Let’s discuss.

Method One: Use Google Calendar On Both iPhone and Android.

The process of transferring contacts and appointment from iPhone to Google calendars is easy. You can import calendar entries manually. To import entries to the Google calendars from iphone take a look into these steps.

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Passwords & Accounts from the menu list.
  3. If you have already added Gmail then select the Gmail else, click on Add Account.
  4. Make sure the Calendars toggle is switched on.

Now you are done. This process will sync all your calendars automatically. For your ease just remember these steps  Settings > Password & Accounts > Gmail.

Method Two: Export Your Calendar From iCloud To Google Calendar

iPhone provides iCloud services for their users to store or backup the important data. Many of the iPhone data are stored in iCloud. So, to get the information into a Google calendar first, you need to export the information and then upload it to the Google Calendar. How to do? Let’s follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Password & Accounts from the menu list. Make sure your ios device is logged into your iCloud account.
  3. Go to the site www.icloud.com and login to your iCloud account.
  4. Click on the calendar icon to open calendar interface.
  5. Next, Click the Calendar sharing and tick Public Calendar.
  6. Copy the link and paste it to the new tab. Once you hit enter your browser will begin downloading the file.
  7. Save the file into a convenient folder.
Transfer Calendar From iPhone To Android

All the above-mentioned steps are for exporting the calendar from iCloud. Now follow these steps to import the file into the Google calendar.

  1. Go to your web browser and Log in to the site calendar.google.com.
  2. Click on the three-dot icon next to Add Calendar.
  3. Select on Import.
  4. Click on Select file from your computer and select the file.
  5. Click on the Import button to upload the file.
Transfer Calendar From iPhone To Android

This method is one of the easy ways to transfer the iCloud calendar data to Google calendars. However, it does not sync your iPhone and Android calendars. If you add something into your iCloud calendar then the change won’t be reflected in Google Calendar until you go through the import and export process again.

Method Three: Sync Calendar to Android.

After the completion of import and export task we need to sync the google calendar contacts into to our android smartphone. Just go through the steps to sync Google calendar into to your android.

  1. Go To Settings.
  2. Tap on Accounts.
  3. Select Google.
  4. Toggle the Calendar to enable sync.
  5. Click on the three-dot icon and tap on Sync now.

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