With the recent outcry about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Data scandal, you probably want to review your Facebook privacy settings. While some users are set to delete Facebook account once and for all, many are amidst the concern for what data Facebook has stored. Here’s how you can download your Facebook data and revoke Facebook app’s access to your data.

Get to know what data Facebook has stored

As we know, Facebook has stored a great deal of your personal data. To download a copy of your Facebook data, simply:

  • Login with Facebook in your browser
  • Go to General Account SettingsFacebook - Settings
  • Navigate to “Download a copy”Facebook - Download Data
  • Then, Click on “Start My Archive”Facebook - Archive Data

After the archive is completed, the copy of your Facebook data is sent to the Email address associated with your FB account.

If you can’t access your email account, simply navigate to “Download a copy”  and select Download Archive after the archive is done.

With the data in your hand, you can now choose to either delete your Facebook account or revoke Facebook app’s access to your data or keep using Facebook as it is.

Revoke Facebook app’s Access to your Data

After seeing what it has in store about you, you might want to revoke the Facebook app’s access to your data, a However, the task is can be a wearisome. In order to remove the app’s access, simply:

  1.  Login with your Facebook Account
  2.  Go to Settings
  3.  Navigate to “Apps”
  4.  Then Select Apps you want to delete and click on Remove
  5.  Select Remove on the Popup after you review to delete all the posts associated with the appsRevoke Facebook app’s Access to your data

However, just removing app from Facebook account doesn’t guarantee that data has been completely deleted. You will need to contact the developer to delete it from Developer’s database. Moreover, to delete your valuable data once and for all, message the app’s developers and follow the instructions.

So, did you revoke Facebook app’s access to your data? Or opted out to delete Facebook permanently? Let us know in the comment section below.

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