Flipboard Just today Flipboard has been updated to version 2.0 adding a cool feature that allows you to create your own magazine by collecting relevant contents from Flipboard. The process is very simple and users can even share and subscribe magazines among each other.  Here is how can create your own magazine with Flipboard :

  • First setup a Flipboard account or you can simply log in using
  • Then flip through articles from different sources that you would like in your magazine and then at the bottom right click on the ‘+’ sign.
  • Now a “Flip this into” tab opens.
  • Click on the create magazine option and then enter your Magazine’s name and a short description on what its about.
  • Now you can simply put the articles in your magazine.

Pretty easy right? Now all you have to do is collect some intriguing articles for your magazine and share it to increase your subscriber base.

flipboard-1 create your magazine with Flipboard create magazine with Flipboard



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