any.Do best planner appAny.Do is a great time organizer and reminder app with a very simple interface that helps you plan and record your activities and setup reminders. Hopefully, this app will reduce your plagiarism habits. And the great thing is this app is free at Google play store. There are many other apps which do the same thing but they are mostly crammed with other extra, on the other hand, is very smooth and has a clean interface. Let’s take a look at its general features:


In the home page of the app, you can enter your plans or reminders. You can also use speech to text feature by click in on the mic icon on top left. Then you can further set the reminder for today at specific time or set the reminder for some other day. Furthermore, you can add snooze like how many times you would like to be reminded about your plans. Create different folders for Personal, Office or other tasks.

Any_do_51You can cross out items in your task listAny_do_.06 by simply swiping your finger across that item. Another notable feature is you can share your list of plans with other Any.Do users. They can even see your checklist of tasks and find out what work or things are left and what task is completed. For example, -You are planning a house party and there are things left to buy in your Any.Do list. Now you can simply share your list with your friends so that they can get those things.

Any_do_40Another neat feature is the reminder pop up that comes whenever you miss a call. From the pop up itself you can decide whether to call back right away or to set a reminder for later. The pop up will appear even when you are busy with other apps or games. This way you will never miss an important call when you are caught up with something at the moment.

You can also enable to remind you to plan your day. ThAny_do_45is can be done by setting up Any.DO moment reminder. A reminder will then pop up at a time specified by you everyday or on days you’ve selected and then ask you to plan your day. The app will even motivate youwith the phrase -Dream it, Wish it, DO it which is accompanied by a nice jingle.
You can easily check if there are anything left to do by simply pulling down the notification bar of your Android OS . If you have the latest 4.2.2 you can set up Widget to show daily to do lists on the lock screen itself.


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