The Android version of Flipboard, one of the most downloaded news feed readers in the Google store, has come up with the latest fixes and additional features. Now there is a “fetch for offline” section in the settings which will fetch content for offline viewing later. However, it only fetches the summaries not the entire article. You can also fetch offline summaries for individual article section by opening them and then clicking “fetch for offline”.

It would have better to incorporate “fetch entire content for offline viewing” so that readers could read the contents offline throughout the day once it has been loaded in Flipboard. However, like many other news reader apps, Flipboard also allow saving its articles via a third party application such as Pocket or Instapaper.

There is also a “Reduce Data Usage” option in the settings where you can set Flipboard’s data usage settings from options like Full use of mobile data, On demand(tap to load images), Don’t use mobile data(wifi only).  With the bug fixes, the content loading time also seems to have improved.

Here are some snapshots of the latest features in the settings section:

UPDATE:Create your own magazine with the latest Flipboard update


  1. I prefer pulse to this one. In Pulse all articles once loaded are saved so that you can view later. Flipboard only lets you see the title and some texts. The only reason I have this app in my Nexus 7 is because it has nice layout and I like flipping my articles.


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