Expanding Past the Popular Website, eBaum’s World Expands with Seamless Mobile Option

eBaum’s World, the popular website featuring media entertainment content such as videos, galleries, and more from around the world, launches its mobile app with a completely new look and feel. eBaum’s Daily Digest, the free app is now available in the iTunes App Store provides users with videos and galleries handpicked by eBaum’s World staff to start your day off in the right way, with new content featured daily.

eBaum’s Daily Digest is not a replica of the popular desktop version of eBaum’s World. Specifically designed and streamlined for iOS platforms, after installation, users can scroll through a magazine website-like home screen that highlights daily editions of the most epic and viral picks from around the world. Search through specific categories for daily videos, images, and more for your daily entertainment needs.

ebaum's world

Highlights for eBaum’s Daily Digest  Include:

– Daily content handpicked by Ebaum’s World’s staff

– Visually stunning user interface with simple navigation

– Real-time notifications and alerts for users

– Social component + conversation; fun and fast for users

“We’ve designed eBaum’s Daily Digest with the ultimate user experience in mind. We wanted to offer an app different from the web version, but keep similar content that our user base has grown to love over the years”, says CEO of eBaum’s World, Ori Elraviv . “The simplicity of the interface and rapid discovery for new videos, images and viral content, is sure to be a hit with both the original fan base from eBaum’s World and the younger generation who is more app savvy.”

Developed by PeakApps, based in Tel Aviv, eBaum’s Daily Digest gives users the exact amount of content to consume every day, keeping users coming back for more. eBaum’s World, the website founded in 2001 by Eric Bauman, has a large collection of prank and comedic photos and videos along with a large collection of flash movies and games. eBaum’s World’s popularity  spans over many countries and has one of the largest and most diverse online communities. Now with Ebaum’s Daily Digest, the  slick interface and easy to use features allow even the most casual user to interact.

eBaum’s Daily Digest strives to create a community of people viewing and sharing the most viral content of the day where individuals can enjoy fun video and image content any time, any place.

To Download for iPhone or iPad please visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ebaums-daily-digest/id542557029?mt=8

To go to the website please visit: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/

About eBaum’s World:

eBaum’s World is a popular website featuring entertainment media such as videos and games. eBaum’s World has a very large collection of prank and comedic photos which are divided into signs, Photoshop images, and misleading cropping’s of normal pictures, and more. The site also has a large collection of Flash movies and games from across the internet, and has just launched eBaum’s Daily Digest for iOS Platforms, developed by PeakApps.

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