Most of the android devices now come with Google Now, which can be accessed buy some kind of gesture like swiping up the home button or long pressing it. But most of the users rarely use Google Now, so this gesture is not properly utilized. Keeping that is mind, developer Gianluca Spadazzi created an app that can change the action performed by the gesture used by Google Now. Now Gesture Tweaks allows you to launch any app or perform system operations with the Google Now gesture so that this under-utilized feature in now fully utilized.

How to use the Google Now gesture to launch any Android app

Install Now Gesture Tweaks

You can find the free version of the app on the Google Play Store. If you want to use this app with full functionality then you will have to spend $0.56 (price at the time of writing this article) which will unlock some additional actions.Now Gesture Tweaks

Choose a Custom Action

After the app has finished installing, it’s time to tweak the Google Now gesture and assign a custom off of your choice. When you launch the app, you will see that by default it is set to do nothing when the gesture is performed. Tap the “Select Action” button to assign a custom action. The free version offers for options: All apps which allows you to launch any app on your app drawer, Open custom app which allows you to launch any app on your system, Open notification drawer and Nothing.

Set Now Gesture Tweaks as default

Doing this is simple. All you need to do is do everything mentioned above and perform the gesture. When you are prompted, select “Now Google Tweaks” from the list and then tap “Always”. This is a one-time thing so you will not be asked to choose again if you select “Always”, unless you install a app that need the Google Now Gesture.

Now you are good to go. This incredibly easy trick will allow you to assign any app to the Google Now gesture.


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