In the light of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Data scandal, many users are set to delete Facebook account once and for all. But what if you want to keep using Facebook without having to compromise your personal data. Even though, users can’t prevent Facebook from collecting their data, make sure that a significant amount of your data is secure. Here are some measures you can follow in order to secure Facebook privacy without deleting your account.Secure Facebook Privacy

#1. Limit Your Audience

Although Facebook provides customization options for individual posts, it is always better to limit your audiences. You can limit your Facebook audiences to “Friends” individually. However, if you wish to change most of your Facebook privacy to “Friends”, here’s how you can do it at once. We recommend you to do this in a desktop site rather than on a smartphone.

  • On your browser, login to Facebook
  • Go to SettingsFacebook - Settings
  • Click on  Privacy
  • Change the option for “Who can see your future posts?” to “Friends”Facebook - Privacy Settings

You can also change the privacy settings of your past posts. Facebook allows you to change the privacy of posts shared with “Everyone” or “Friends of Friends” to “Friends” via the “Limit Past Posts” option. To do so, locate Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline and click on Limit Past Posts.Facebook - Limit Past Posts

#2. Turn Off Location Services

Another way to secure your Facebook Privacy is to turn off location services. One of the crucial data you give Facebook and other applications is your location. With the data, the applications can get insights of your daily travels. Thus, it is a must to turn off location services most of the time.Facebook - Turn Off Location Services

#3. Revoke Third-Party App Access

With Facebook Sign Up options on most of the apps, you allow Facebook to access the data from the third-party apps. These apps may contain your personal data and other important data. Thus, to further secure Facebook privacy, revoke Facebook app’s access to your data.

Revoke Facebook app's access to your data

#4. Restrict Ad Preferences

You might have noticed, the ads on your Facebook are somewhat related to your personal information. You can stop the advertisers to target ads based on your personal information.

  • Go To Account Settings
  • Navigate to Ads >> Ad Settings
  • Turn off online interest-based ads from FacebookFacebook - Ad Preferences

You can also stop advertisers to base ads on basis of third-party apps and websites. Also, make sure to unlike the pages you’ve liked to remove ones you don’t want to be used for online purposes.

So, did you make sure your Facebook privacy is more secure now? Let us know if you’ve got more tips to secure Facebook privacy and protect your data.

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