Android is greatly appreciated for its customizable environment. From theming the System UI to adding a bandwidth meter on the status bar – everything can be done. But the problem is that most of these customization need root access. You can even change how each of the hardware buttons will react if you press it in a certain manner – but again the device needs to be rooted. However, there is a new app in the market that can give you this ability if your device is running Android Lollipop or higher without the need of root access. Here’s how to reassign Android hardware buttons without root.

How to reassign Android hardware buttons without root

Reassign Android hardware buttons: Buttons Remapper

The last time I checked this app, it was still in Beta stage and was only accessible if you join its beta testing community. But now you can get Buttons Remapper from the Google Play Store. Once you have finished installing the app, open it and you will be asked to grant accessibility permission. This is necessary if you want to change the behavior of your device’s hardware keys without root access. After that is taken care of, you will see the keys you can remap depending on the device you are using. Buttons Remapper will not detect your soft keys, thus they cannot be remapped. Devices with soft keys can only remap the volume buttons. Tap on the buttons that are available for remapping and change its behavior for single tap, double tap or long pressing. Note that reassigning the back button and some other buttons will require the paid version of the app.buttons remapper 2 - Reassign Android hardware buttons

Reassign Android hardware buttons: Functionalities

Buttons Remapper offers you wide range of functions that you can assign to each hardware buttons such as switching on the flashlight or taking a screenshot. Even though you can change how the buttons will react on a single press, I recommend you keep it as it is. And if you messed up the behavior of your hardware buttons, you can reset it on a single tap in the settings. There are many such functions that this app offers, try it once.buttons remapper 1 - Reassign Android hardware buttons

So this was a small walk through to this amazing app. You don’t even have to go through the tedious process of rooting your Android just to remap your hardware buttons; although rooting has its own benefits. Try the app and if you like it, consider the pro version. The price isn’t that high compared to what this app gives you in return.

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