You can charge your Android device by connecting them to your laptop or by plugging them into a wall socket. You usually prefer the latter option assuming that your laptop will charge your device slower compared to a wall socket because the laptop is less powerful. But this is not the case. The reason it takes hours to charge your device via laptop has nothing to do with the power; there are a number of other reasons one of which might me a defective data cable. There are other reasons for a slow charging android smartphone or other android devices. If your device is running Android 6.0, it will tell you if it is charging normally or slowly. If it is charging normally, the lock screen will show ‘Charging’ and if its slow, you will see ‘Charging Slowly’ text on your lock screen. Here’s how to identify & fix slow charging android smartphone.Identify & fix slow charging android smartphone

How to identify slow charging Android Smartphone

Case 1: Your laptop might be on battery saving mode. Your OS will restrict the maximum power given to the hardware when the laptop is on batter saving mode. Plug your laptop into a power outlet to see if there is any difference.

Case 2: The particular USB port is slow or defective. Your device may charge slowly if the USB port is not working properly. Trying changing the port to see if there is any difference in the charging behavior. Look through your laptops manual to know which port has more power.

Case 3: Assuming you have followed aforementioned cases and you device is still not charging as fast as it should then the problem could be your laptop’s wiring and PSU. Try charging your device using a different laptop.

Case 4:  Connect your device to a wall socket. Make sure you have plugged in your device directly to the socket and not using an extension. Make sure the power is not coming from a backup battery. If your device is still charging slowly then the problem could be your data cable.

How to fix slow charging android smartphone

If your device still doesn’t charge normally after following all the above cases then the data cable is the culprit. Make sure you are using the manufacturer certified data cable that came with your device. Run all the above cases again. Low quality cables are likely to fail after a couple of charging cycles. It is a good idea to get yourself a better data cable. If your device is still charging slow while using a laptop then the problem lie somewhere in your laptop. It could be the PSU, the wiring or the ports that is causing the slow charging.charging slowly - identify slow charging Android

Note that sometimes the device may show that it is charging fast than usual. This might mean that an abnormal amount of power is being sent to your device. This could result in your adapted being burned or your device being unusually warm. If this is happening then you may want to discontinue using the particular power source.



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