You may have tried to save GIFs on Twitter the way you do on any other website but failed. Right clicking and saving doesn’t seem to do the trick. This is because Twitter converts the animated GIFs in videos that is why you can really save these as GIFs as images. Here is this article we are presenting a few workarounds for this problem. Read further to know how you can save a GIF as a GIF in just few steps. Here’s how to save Twitter GIFs.

How to save Twitter GIFs

Save Twitter GIFs: Using Tweet 2 GIF for Androidtweet2gif - Save Twitter GIFs

Google Play Store has this free and convenient app that will let you easily save GIFs form Twitter without having to follow any complicated and advance methods. Tweet 2 GIF lets you automatically download any GIF from any Tweet  that is shared publicly. The app is simple to use. all you have to do is go to the tweet you want to save the GIF from in your Twitter app > tap the tweet to expand > tap on the More menu and then select link to tweet. Now you have to head over to Tweet 2 GIF on your device and then paste the link. You will now get the option to either save the GIF as a GIF file or as a MP4 file.

Save Twitter GIFs: Downloading and manually convertingezgif - Save Twitter GIFs

If you cannot use Tweet 2 GIF for some reason then you have to manually do what the app does. You need to first download the MP4 file from Twitter and then convert that MP4 into a GIF file. Converting files may be a bit time consuming if you are using your mobile device rather than your computer. However if you are using your Android then you can use GIF Maker. Another easy way to save a GIF for Twitter if you head over to and pasting the link to the tweet and then simple clicking the download button. Not that is taken care of, it’s time to convert the file into an animated GIF. Head over to and click on Video to GIF. Browse the downloaded MP4 file and upload it. You can play around with a bunch of settings or just go straight ahead and click on Convert to GIF. After its done, save the GIF.

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