Do you frequently get disturbed by notifications or WhatsApps alerts? Are you looking for a way to schedule these notifications or stop them without having to turn off your mobile data or WiFi? Then this article is for you. Many users have been facing this problem so here in this article we are sharing some tips and tricks to stop WhatsApp notifications or any other notifications during meeting, while sleeping or other similar scenarios. Here’s how to stop WhatsApp notifications.

How to schedule or stop WhatsApp notifications or other alerts

Stop WhatsApp notifications: Using SEER appSEER - stop WhatsApp notifications

SEER stands for Silence Everything Except Ringer. This app works for devices with Android version 4.0 or higher. SEER, as the name suggests, will silent every notification sounds on your device except the ringer. This app is straight forwards and simple to use. make sure you check out the settings – that the app offers for free. However, you can only schedule 1 set of timings for 24 hour cycle, but this won’t be a problem if you want this app only for night disturbances. Or, you could cancel the schedule and manually stop every notification sound by tapping on Silence Now on the main screen.

Stop WhatsApp notifications: Using NFC TagsNFC tags - stop whatsapp notifications

Some of the Android devices available now support NFC tags. You can use a tag and write in it the task of putting your device into silent mode when tapped on it. Stick it somewhere near your bed and before falling asleep, tap your device onto it. Only a few smartphones available in the market support NFC tags so make sure your device supports it.

Stop WhatsApp notifications: Using Priority Modepriority mode - Stop WhatsApp notifications

From Android version 5.0, Google has introduced the Priority Mode feature. This feature allows you to set up do not disturb times. You can also specify to allow what apps or contacts can send notifications through it while other apps or contacts cannot. This feature is better than Airplane mode as you will still get alerts and notifications but only without the sounds. In order to use Priority Node, simply press the volume buttons and tap on Priority. You can have the options to either silent indefinitely or for a specific time period. Customize the Priority settings by tapping on the gear icon.

Stop WhatsApp notifications: Manually disabling notifications

If you have a lot of apps and require only a few of them to send notifications then you can manually disable notifications for each app. You can achieve this either by going to Settings > Notifications and tapping on each app that you don’t want alerts from or by pressing on hold the notification and then tapping on Disable Notifications. This can help you quickly disable annoying notifications from apps. To enable notifications you need to go to Settings > Notifications and unselect the app you want to get notifications from.

There are a lot of applications that can help you with this but I suggest you to use the features provided on your Android to manually achieve this. But the choice is yours. Let us know if you use any other apps to disable notifications.

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