Although I have previously written an article about restoring accidently deleted files on Android, this one is something entirely different. We all know that Windows and Mac has a failsafe designed to keep deleted files after you delete them. It is called the Recycle Bin. All the files delete via the ‘Del’ button or the right click shortcut will be kept on the Recycle Bin, giving you a chance to restore it if they were deleted by accident. However, Android has no such failsafe yet; any file once deleted is gone forever. Of course, you can restore it using various recovery tools but the chances are slim. So in this article, I will introduce you to an app that overcome this limitation of Android. Dumpster for Android is a free app that give Android the Recycle Bin feature. And what’s more? You don’t need root access to use this app. Read on to learn how to get Android Recycle Bin.

How to get Recycle Bin on Android

Get Android Recycle Bin: Getting started

First and foremost, you have to install the Dumpster Image & Video Restore app. It is available for free on the Google Play Store. Running it is simple as well. After the installation is finished, open it and press the Home button to allow it to run in the background. It is necessary for the app to run in the background or else it may not do its intended work. If you have an auto startup app then include this app to auto start after each reboot. Now, Dumpster will monitor your storage and keep the deleted files cached.recyclebin 1 - Get Android Recycle Bin

Get Android Recycle Bin: Features

Unlike other recycle bin apps available for android, Dumpster doesn’t need you to share files to the app in order to add them. This app will automatically monitor all your deleted files. It also support wide variety of file types including pdf, zip, doc, rar, etc.recyclebin 2 - Get Android Recycle Bin

When the deleted files are cached by Dumpster, you will get two options – delete them or restore then to their previous locations.  the latter option is what make this app useful. If you need to free up your storage then you can delete them permanently.recyclebin 3 - Get Android Recycle Bin

In its settings, you can configure which files you would Dumpster to collect and which files you would like to delete directly. This is useful because all the delete files will still occupy your storage. You can also configure automatically cleaning, which will make all the cached files on Dumpster to delete automatically after a period of time.recyclebin 4 - Get Android Recycle Bin

The ads on this app is minimal but you can pay a small amount for the premium version to get rid of the ads altogether. Premium version of the app also gives you the feature to back up your files on cloud. This app is worth trying as it will not require root access. Tell us what do you think of Dumpster for android on the comments below.


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